How to Choose the Right GMAT Course

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardized test that is used as an admission test for business graduate degrees in most of the world’s universities. Acronym source: Abbreviation Finder

One of the main characteristics of this exam is its “problem adaptive” design, which means that the difficulty of the questions in the quantitative and verbal area depends on the performance that has been had. Considering the above, and in order to obtain a successful application in a competitive graduate degree, it is important to look for a preparation course for this standardized exam that allows you to learn and understand each section, establish your objectives and achieve the highest possible score. For this reason, in this post we will share the main tips that allow you to differentiate and choose the best preparation course that suits your needs and allows you to reach your goal score.

How to Choose the Right GMAT Course


Choosing a preparation course for the GMAT exam can be a difficult job, when you start your search you will find many programs that have different characteristics and functionalities, these can be face-to-face, online, personalized or for individual study. The main differences you will find will be the amount of study hours, course materials (platform or books), exercises, teachers and the language in which they will be taught. It is worth mentioning that the courses change in price depending on their duration, reputation and testimonials.

The exam sections are Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, and Verbal. Since 2017, students can choose the order of the sections in order to reduce the worry and fatigue they generate. With this in mind, the first step to correctly choosing a GMAT preparation course is to understand the fundamentals of the exam and find a course that addresses all the topics of this, allowing yourself to deal with the questions in a timely manner, understanding your needs.

Continuing with this, the next step is to prepare the work plan and the perfect environment for your study. Starting from the idea that taking a preparation course for the GMAT exam takes approximately 2 to 6 months, you should consolidate your most efficient scenario to study. Consider the 2 main factors, How? And how much ?, analyzing if the best thing for you is a face-to-face or online course and the time you are going to invest in it. You must count from the exercises and class hours, to the time it would take you to move from one point to another in the case of face-to-face courses. It is recommended that you look for the one that suits your lifestyle and your student profile.
At the same time, seeking “personalized” advice can help you get a competitive score. It is not specifically about you taking private classes, but that you have a review of your work and study on an ongoing basis. Having a feedback of your efforts to be able to observe and decide what strengths will be used when solving the exam and what areas of opportunity have to be covered before deciding on an application date, makes a difference among all those who have taken the GMAT.

Finally, the cost-benefit has to be considered, as we mentioned previously, all the preparation courses for the GMAT have their differentiators, including the one from Top Schools in the USA. In this regard, the reputation of each prep school has to be investigated. It is very important to understand the quality of the investment you want to make and the benefits they offer you. Some schools that support students tend to use a traditional methodology, sticking to the official test books; on the contrary, other schools opt for a personalized program covering the individual objectives of each student obtaining better results, and other courses seek to make mock exams to accustom the students.

Choosing a good preparation course for standardized tests is a difficult matter, requires time and patience. Among the main points that a course must cover in order to meet your objectives, flexibility in time, quality of exercises and academic material, learning modality and understanding of your profile must be considered. Do not put your admission to the postgraduate degree of your dreams at risk by choosing the wrong GMAT preparation course, look for the course that best suits your needs and allows you to obtain a competitive score for your application, plan your investment and your learning methodology in detail to make the right decision.

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