6 Best Countries to Exchange in English

By | June 27, 2019

There are several countries where you can exchange in English. Despite this, some can provide you with a better experience than others, especially if you decide to immerse yourself in the language. Some aspects, such as accents and dialects, must be taken into account when choosing your destination. To help you decide, we have listed here the 6 best countries to learn English!

What are the best countries to exchange in English?

United Kingdom

The most obvious choice is to study in the UK, where English originated. According to COUNTRYAAH, the country has one of the longest traditions in language teaching (both nationally and internationally), and also the largest variety of English courses in the world. Being at the birthplace of the English language, you will still be able to learn a lot about the history of the country (and the language) and where some of the most common words and phrases came from.

London Bridge, U.K.


The Canada has become a very popular destination for exchange in English, especially in its most cosmopolitan cities like Toronto or Vancouver. Tuition fees there are relatively cheaper than in other countries and the application process is also much simpler. The country is also known for having high academic standards. That is, you will be sure to be learning the right things!

Toronto, Canada


English spoken in Ireland is very similar to British English. Despite this, you need to be careful with accents! The country is known for being a very friendly place, so you will quickly find many people who will be happy to help you practice your English. And the best part: Ireland is very close to the United Kingdom. So, if you want to visit the birthplace of the language, just cross the Irish Sea on a ferry or on an airplane. Or else by car, since Northern Ireland, which is nearby, also belongs to the United Kingdom.

The Customs House in Dublin


Wherever you choose to go in the United States, you will have a unique experience. This is because, due to the size of the country, each state can be as different from the other as completely separate nations. American English differs from British English both in accent and pronunciation and even in words. Despite this, the language is often used in a very casual way, which is ideal for you to develop your conversational skills. The USA also has many famous places to visit and beautiful scenery to see. That is, you will not be bored there!

US Capitol in Washington, DC


The Australia has a program for teaching and learning English recognized worldwide. It is called ELICOS, which means “Intensive English Language Courses for Foreign Students” (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students, in their native language). This program is developed in partnership with the Cambridge English Language Assessment. This means that you will have access to a good quality English course if you choose Australia, as well as being able to see up close some of the most beautiful cities and landscapes in the world!

Sydney Opera House

New Zealand

Right next to Australia, we have New Zealand. If you choose to exchange in English there, you will be able to experience all the influence that the Maori language, of the native inhabitants of the country, had in the English spoken in the two islands that make up New Zealand. Studying in Auckland or Wellington will offer you a big city experience, while Dunedin (which is smaller) is a fun place to study due to its large student population.

Gazebo overlooking the New Zealand mountains