6 Reasons to Study in Hong Kong

By | August 27, 2019

What is the first thing that comes to your mind about Hong Kong? It is probably that of the countless skyscrapers that take over the city landscape. But this autonomous territory offers much more, from quality universities to countless entertainment options. Have you thought about doing an exchange there? Here are 6 reasons why you should consider studying in Hong Kong.

Vibrant culture and cuisine

Asian food is incredibly versatile. Living in Hong Kong allows you to experience something new every day. What helps a lot is that the locals speak English very well. That is, it helps you choose what to eat. Still, if you miss the taste of home, you can find your favorite food at one of the island’s restaurants.

People and opportunities network

One of the biggest advantages of studying in Hong Kong is the large number of connections you can make. There you can meet people from both East and West. This strategic position has become a natural center for many international companies operating in finance, banks and many other areas.

Vibrant culture and cuisine hong kong

That way, you will have a great chance of guaranteeing a work experience upon completing your degree. And it is becoming increasingly essential to start your career. Even if you are not interested in staying in Hong Kong, having this network increases your chances of securing a job in your own country or even elsewhere in the world.

Many places to escape the routine

You are not going to sink into the books the entire time you are abroad, right? There is a lot to see and do around Hong Kong’s islands. In addition, the proximity to other Asian countries also gives great opportunities for walks. You can visit Disney park and Ocean Park there. In addition, many places for hiking and picnics are different highlights for esa par of everyday life.

Quality of education

Universities are not far behind in terms of quality. They follow a system similar to that of the United States and Europe. Some factors have been increasing the quality even more. Among them, the proportion of teachers and students, the infrastructure, the support of qualified teams and good administration.

Quality of education Hong Kong

Night life

As I said above, life is not just about studying! Everyone deserves fun from time to time. In Hong Kong, you have the opportunity to learn and have fun with the same intensity. On the island, a tip is Lan Kwai Fong, a famous street with different clubs and pubs that are packed with young people every weekend.

Despite this, it is important to remember that nightlife in Asia is not very cheap. Many bars and clubs charge entrance fees, depending on the place’s capacity.

Opportunities for all budgets

As we said in the previous item, Asia is not exactly a cheap region. However, there are a variety of study programs that are accessible. You can even consider internships in Hong Kong, instead of a traditional exchange program. This can help with the budget or give you other benefits, such as free housing!