Alsip, Illinois Population, Schools and Places of Interest

By | April 19, 2023

According to agooddir, Alsip, Illinois is a vibrant and diverse city located in the south suburbs of Chicago. This city is surrounded by several other cities and towns including Oak Lawn, Evergreen Park, Palos Heights, and Merrionette Park.

Oak Lawn is located just to the north of Alsip and offers a variety of attractions for visitors to enjoy. This city has many parks including Centennial Park which features a playground, walking paths, and picnic areas perfect for spending time outdoors. There are also several shopping centers in Oak Lawn with stores ranging from department stores to specialty boutiques.

Evergreen Park is located just to the east of Alsip and is home to some of the best shopping in the area. This city has two main shopping districts; 95th Street Plaza which features a variety of stores from big-box retailers to smaller boutique shops; and Evergreen Plaza which offers upscale retailers such as Macy’s, Nordstrom Rack, and more!

Palos Heights is located just south of Alsip and provides visitors with plenty of outdoor activities. This city has numerous parks such as Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve which has miles of trails perfect for hiking or biking; or Lake Katherine Nature Center & Botanic Gardens which features beautiful gardens full of native plants.

Merrionette Park is located just west of Alsip and provides visitors with plenty to do! This town has many restaurants offering cuisines from all over the world as well as several bars with live music venues perfect for a night out on the town!

Overall, there are many cities and towns surrounding Alsip! From its outdoor recreation opportunities to its shopping districts this area provides something for everyone!

Alsip, Illinois

Population of Alsip, Illinois

Alsip, Illinois is a vibrant and diverse city located in the south suburbs of Chicago. The population of Alsip is estimated to be 12,902 according to the 2010 census. This city is home to a wide variety of people from all walks of life.

The majority of Alsip’s population is white, making up around 71% of the population. African Americans make up around 20% while Hispanics and Latinos make up around 5%. Other races make up the remaining 4%.

The median age in Alsip is 39 years old with males making up around 48% and females making up around 52%. The median household income for this city is $53,541 with a poverty rate of 8.2%.

Alsip has a wide variety of religious affiliations with the largest being Catholic at 36%, followed by Protestant at 27%, and no religious affiliation at 21%. There are also smaller percentages for other religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism.

Overall, Alsip has a very diverse population! From its racial demographics to its religious affiliations this city provides something for everyone!

Schools and Education in Alsip, Illinois

Alsip, Illinois is home to a variety of schools and educational opportunities. The city is served by two school districts: Consolidated High School District 218 and Elementary School District 126.

There are three high schools located in Alsip: Shepard High School, Eisenhower High School, and Richards High School. All three of these schools offer a wide range of courses for students to choose from such as English, Math, Science, History, Art, Music, and more! In addition to these courses Alsip also offers many extracurricular activities such as sports teams and clubs for students to participate in.

Elementary school education in Alsip is provided by five elementary schools: Ruggles Elementary School, Shabbona Elementary School, Stony Creek Elementary School, Pheasant Ridge Elementary School, and Central Elementary School. These schools provide students with a variety of courses such as Math, Reading/Writing/Grammar, Social Studies/History/Geography/Civics/Government as well as Science.

In addition to the two school districts in Alsip there are also several higher education institutions located nearby such as Moraine Valley Community College and Governors State University which both offer a wide range of degree programs for students looking to further their education.

Overall, the city of Alsip provides its residents with plenty of educational opportunities! From its elementary schools all the way up to its higher education institutions this city has something for everyone no matter what stage of life they’re at!

Places of Interest in Alsip, Illinois

Alsip, Illinois is home to a variety of places of interest for residents and visitors alike. From historical sites to shopping centers there’s something here for everyone!

For those interested in history, Alsip has the Alsip Historical Society and Museum, which preserves artifacts and tells the story of the city’s past. The museum offers tours as well as educational programs for all ages. Visitors can also explore nearby historical sites such as the Pullman Historic District and the Beverly Arts Center.

Alsip also provides plenty of recreational activities for its residents and visitors. There are several parks located in Alsip such as Memorial Park, which features a playground, walking trails, picnic areas, and a pond. For those looking to stay active or get some exercise there is also an indoor sports complex called Farragut Sports Complex that offers basketball courts, soccer fields, batting cages, and more!

The city also has many shopping centers where locals can find anything from clothing stores to grocery stores. There are several malls located in Alsip such as The Promenade Bolingbrook Shopping Center and Orland Square Mall which both offer a variety of name brand stores as well as restaurants perfect for grabbing a bite to eat after some retail therapy!

Overall, Alsip provides plenty of places of interest for its residents and visitors alike! Whether it’s exploring its historical sites or enjoying some recreational activities this city has something for everyone!