Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein, Austria

By | April 9, 2022

The majestic peaks of the Austrian Alps, swift ski slopes on steep slopes, soft emerald grass of alpine meadows, and also cool water in transparent springs, still warm milk, crispy fragrant bread… All this is the beautiful land of Gasteinertal, where the mountain resorts of Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein. In addition to excellent conditions for skiing and other sports activities, the resorts are famous for their unique therapeutic and recreational opportunities, because here there are radon adits and bitter thermal waters with a high content of Glauber’s salt. Guests are waiting for modern health and thermal complexes, as well as an unforgettable vacation in cozy alpine towns, each of which is covered with its own special atmosphere. Refined and respectable Bad Gastein with elegant mansions of the early 19th century is a favorite vacation spot for the Austrian imperial family and the “Alpine Monte Carlo”, where the world’s largest casino in the mountains operates. And cozy Bad Hofgastein – with a busy pedestrian zone, promenades, comfortable hotels, pastry shops, bars and a beautiful spa park.

The ski area Gasteinertal, home to the thermal spas Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein, is located in the federal state of Salburg, 90 km from Salburg Airport and 220 km from Munich Airport. Bad Gastein is located at an altitude of 1002 meters above sea level, and Bad Hofgastein at an altitude of 800 m.

The main therapeutic factors
The main indications for treatment – Various diseases of the joints, chronic pain, diseases of the respiratory tract, blood circulation, allergies and skin diseases, restoration of the digestive system, gynecological diseases, activation of all metabolic processes, improvement of the functioning of the gland, blood circulation, restoration of cells and immunity. Both resorts stand on 18 hot radon springs, the temperature of which reaches +47 C. The second healing resource of the valley is radon adits. These are natural mountain caves with a high concentration of radon in the air, high temperature (+37 C) and humidity. One inhalation session in adits lasts half an hour or forty minutes; during this time, under the influence of heat and humidity, the pores open, and radon enters the body through the surface of the skin.
And finally, bitter thermal waters with a high content of Glauber’s salt, which help improve bowel function.
The Gasteiner Helistolen Clinic (Bad Gastein) specializes in physiotherapy and sessions in adits. Here, in Bad Gastein, there are the Felsenbad thermal baths, where bathing courses in thermal waters are held.
The Kur-Vitalzentrum in Bad Hofgastein is a wellness complex with thermal pools, a sauna gallery and steam baths. The complex operates from October to May.
The entertainment water center Alpen Solarbad in Bad Hofgastein is a complex with fresh water (temperature from +6 to +28 ° C) with a countercurrent, where there are sports and children’s pools, water slides, a solarium and a sauna. Open from mid-May to late September.

Sports and activities
Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein are known primarily as popular ski resorts. The total length of trails in the Gasteinertal valley is 201 km. Bad Gastein offers five ski areas of varying difficulty – Sportgastein, Graukogel, Dorfgastein, Stubnerkogel and the Schlossalm connected to it. Bad Hofgastein has gentler slopes. Also in Gastein – 120 km of hiking and jogging paths, 350 km of paths in alpine meadows and excellent conditions for practicing other sports.

Bad Hofgastein, Austria