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How to Get to Seoul, South Korea

There are few ways to get to Seoul – only a plane or a train-ferry link. Direct flights can be found in the schedule of Moscow Sheremetyevo, mostly with transfers, fly from St. Petersburg. Those who do not like to travel by air will first have to travel by train to Vladivostok (and this is… Read More »

Entertainment and Attractions in Eilat, Israel

The main direction of Eilat is a beach holiday, but for sightseeing tourism there is also everything you need here. The main attraction of the city is a picturesque coral reef, the northernmost in the world. To admire the underwater landscape and its inhabitants, it is not at all necessary to dive into the depths… Read More »

Cities of Thailand

The capital of Thailand – Bangkok – the largest city in Southeast Asia. In Thai, the city has a long name which means Palace for the Gods, Built by the Gods in Paradise, or the City of Angels. Bangkok is located on the banks of the large Chao Phraya River, a few kilometers from the… Read More »

Irkutsk, Russia

Bratsk, Irkutsk region (Russia) According to ehangzhou, Bratsk is located on the banks of the Bratsk reservoir, 490 km north of Irkutsk. The Bratsk Ostrog was founded in 1631 at the mouth of the Oka River by the Yenisei Cossacks. After the Bratsk prison lost its defensive value, it became the village of Bratsk. In… Read More »

What to See in Sipadan (Malaysia)

According to agooddir, Sipadan Island is located off the southeastern coast of the state of Sabah, which occupies the northeastern part of the island of Borneo, 35 km from the coastal city of Simporna. Sipadan is known as the best place in Malaysia for diving. The area of the island is 12 hectares. It is… Read More »

Malaysia in the 1980s

From the end of the seventies, and throughout the following decade, the economy of Malaysia continued to show signs of relative prosperity, visible in urban development and in the standard of living of individuals, even in the rural environment, despite the drop in prices of rubber and tin (for which Malaysia is the largest producer… Read More »

Eating in Turkey

SOUPS In Turkish cuisine, first courses have a special place. Soup is served at the very beginning of the meal. In Turkey, soups are served for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner. And on cold winter days, appetizingly steaming soups are the most consummate dish. In Turkey, soups served with bread are quite nutritious… Read More »

Sports Opportunities in Thailand

Golf Phuket has four first-class 18-hole golf courses, excellent playing conditions at all courses, reasonable prices, ball hauling and golf equipment rentals. Horse Riding There are three horse riding clubs on the island: one is on Patak Street, on the way to Hat Kata Beach, the second is Ban Sai Yuan, on the way to… Read More »

Tours to Iran

Iran is one of the most mysterious and interesting countries in the modern world! Here, legends about the land of the ancient Aryans, numerous empires that have existed in this territory over the past 5,000 years, and modern Persian flavor are intertwined. The leading tour operator in the Arab East offers unique individual tours, because… Read More »