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Federal University of Roraima (Brazil)

Federal University of Roraima. Academic public institution in the state of Roraima in northern Brazil. It is one of the youngest federal universities of Higher Education in the country. It was created on September 8, 1989. Creation Authorized by Law No. 7364, of September 12, 1985, it was actually created four years later with Decree… Read More »

National University of Misiones (Argentina)

National University of Misiones (UNM or UNaM). Public University of Argentina. It provides undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate training in its academic structures and activities are carried out in six Faculties and two schools. Foundation It was founded by law 20,286 of April 16, 1973, as part of the Taquini plan, the higher education reorganization program… Read More »

University of Göttingen (Germany)

The University of Göttingen is the largest and oldest university in the region of Lower Saxony. It opened its doors in 1737. Around 26,000 students are enrolled, and since 2007 the center has been working with the concept of the future within the framework of the excellence initiative. A relevant aspect is the university network… Read More »

EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System)

Since 1997, the EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) seal of approval has been awarded to economic educational institutions around the world. In contrast to other institutional business accreditations, the EQUIS accreditation deliberately does not require worldwide standardization of training programs. Instead, the EQUIS accreditation, which comes from Europe, should primarily include regional and national peculiarities.… Read More »

Choice of Subject for Studying Abroad

After successfully completing a high school diploma, many plan to start studying. Before choosing a university and, if necessary, choosing a study country, the question arises: What should I study? The subjects offered are as numerous as they are diverse. Business studies, mechanical engineering, German and English, law, IT and medicine are particularly popular in… Read More »

Online Studies Abroad

Watching the professor’s political lecture in Canada at home? Chatting from the couch with your Australian fellow students about the question of the final homework of the marketing course? Online studies abroad offer all of this. Differences in online studies abroad Thanks to the possibilities of online studies abroad, it is no longer absolutely necessary… Read More »

Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University (Russia)

St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. The full name – Federal State Institution of Higher Education for Professional Training, the informal name – “Polytech”, or “Leningraski Politexnizheski Institut” LPI as it is known in Cuba). It is a center of higher education located in the city ​​of Saint Petersburg within the group of national research universities… Read More »

Brock University Review

Preparations I came up with the idea of ​​doing a semester abroad in March 2011 when I noticed that my 5th semester was not so packed and that with a bit of shifting modules, a semester abroad would be possible without “losing” a semester. I chose Canada because I wanted to go to an English-speaking… Read More »

Saint Mary’s University Review

Preparations The decision to spend a semester abroad was clear to me from the start of my studies. However, my original plan was to do this in Spain via the ERASMUS program. Since my language level was unfortunately not sufficient for this, it was important to find an alternative as soon as possible. Since my… Read More »

Thompson Rivers University Review

Studies Studying in Canada was comparable to studying in the Netherlands; the course content is very practical, a lot is done in team and project work and the courses are quite small, ie between 10 and 40 people per course. The relationship with the lecturers is therefore very personal; the lecturers take care of each… Read More »

Vancouver Island University Review

Academic information My host university was the Vancouver Island University (VIU) in Nanaimo, at which around 15,000 students, mostly at bachelor level, study. The Master in Business Administration is then the only course at Master’s level in which an international exchange student can enroll for a single semester. The main campus of the VIU is… Read More »

Griffith College Dublin Review

Before we started When I was looking around for my compulsory semester abroad, what would be suitable for me, I came across MicroEDU through a fellow student. It was clear to me from the start that I wanted to go to an English-speaking country and Ireland was already a little anchored in my mind. After… Read More »

Riga Stradins University Review

I finished the first medical semester at the RSU in Riga three weeks ago. What I found very positive overall was the fact that I was finally able to start studying medicine. After a year of waiting and hoping and worrying, it was great to start studying. According to Abbreviation Finder, RSU is the abbreviation of… Read More »

Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona Review

Planning I made my final decision to do a semester abroad in May 2012 – too late to apply for a semester abroad through my university’s international office. A friend who had already done a semester abroad in the USA in the previous semester recommended MicroEDU to me. After reading through the agency’s partner universities… Read More »

Boston University Review

1 General 1.1. Why Boston University? In my search for a suitable university for a semester abroad, I used various university rankings as a selection aid. After a language course of several weeks in Canada and a stay of several months at boarding school in England, I really wanted to get to know the USA.… Read More »

Hawaii Pacific University Review

It was clear to me from the start of my studies that I wanted to spend a semester abroad. As a result, I spent my fifth semester at Hawai’i Pacific University in Honolulu. I lived on the paradise island of Oahu for four months. In addition to the turquoise water and the white beaches, the… Read More »

San Diego State University Review

First of all, I would like to say that the decision to spend a semester at SDSU was one of my best in life. You are guaranteed to have a wonderful time in this great city and university. According to Abbreviation Finder, SDSU is the abbreviation of San Diego State University. PLANNING: I started planning relatively… Read More »

San Jose State University Review

If you would like to experience something completely new, exciting, interesting, exciting (and that in a unique environment), then you are in the right place in the USA, in California and also at San José State University! I can confirm to all of you in advance that such a stay abroad will be one of… Read More »

University of California Davis Review

Hi there, I am studying the Master of energy and environmental management, a three-semester economics of engineering degree program at my home university in Germany. After the two semesters of lectures and before my master’s thesis , I wanted to take the opportunity to gain experience abroad again and, in particular, to improve my English.… Read More »

University of California Riverside Review

Gap year after graduation I completed two trimesters at UCR from September 2016 to March 2017. According to Abbreviation Finder, UCR is the abbreviation of University of California Riverside. The gap year as such The gap year after graduating from high school can be recommended for anyone who wants to go abroad, wants to improve their… Read More »

University of California San Diego Review

1 Introduction As part of my master’s degree, I completed a semester abroad at the University of California, San Diego. In Germany I am studying industrial engineering at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg. In the context of this field report I would like to go into particular topics that interested me particularly before starting my trip,… Read More »