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Climate and Weather of Krk, Croatia

The climate of Krk According to best-medical-schools, Krk town is the capital of the island of Krk. The city is located in a beautiful bay, in the southwestern part of the island. With more than five thousand inhabitants, it is the largest settlement on the island. Krk was founded in the time of the Romans.… Read More »

Irkutsk, Russia

Bratsk, Irkutsk region (Russia) According to ehangzhou, Bratsk is located on the banks of the Bratsk reservoir, 490 km north of Irkutsk. The Bratsk Ostrog was founded in 1631 at the mouth of the Oka River by the Yenisei Cossacks. After the Bratsk prison lost its defensive value, it became the village of Bratsk. In… Read More »

What to See in Oranjestad and The Hague (Netherlands)

Oranjestad (Aruba, Netherlands) Oranjestad is the capital of the island of Aruba. It is located on its southern coast. The name of the city is translated from Dutch as “orange city”. There are no oranges here, but the city itself is very colorful. All buildings in Oranjestad are made in the Dutch style and painted… Read More »

General Information About Montenegro

According to 800zipcodes, Montenegro is a country of natural beauty and amazing contrasts. As George Gordon Byron said: “At the moment of the birth of our planet, the most beautiful meeting of land and sea took place in Montenegro. When the pearls of nature were sown, a whole handful fell on this land.” Montenegro is a state… Read More »

Belarus Population and History

Demography and economic geography. – State of north-eastern Europe. The population at the last census (2009) was 9,503,807 residents, while in 2014 the country had 9,307,609 residents, according to an estimate by UNDESA (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs), with a negative trend of 0.5% per year for the five-year period 2010-15. The… Read More »

Abkhazia History

Abkhaziais a territory located in the southwestern slope of the Caucasus mountain range, with coasts in the Black Sea, and whose capital is the city of Sukhumi. It is a de facto independent republic since 1992 ; however Georgia considers it an autonomous republic belonging to that country, as does a large part of the international community. The first settlements in Abkhazia date back… Read More »

Eating in Turkey

SOUPS In Turkish cuisine, first courses have a special place. Soup is served at the very beginning of the meal. In Turkey, soups are served for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner. And on cold winter days, appetizingly steaming soups are the most consummate dish. In Turkey, soups served with bread are quite nutritious… Read More »

Famous Mountains in Serbia

Kopaonik mountains According to 800zipcodes, Kopaonik is the largest mountain range in Serbia, stretching for 75 km from the northwest to the southeast of the country. Kopaonik, also known as the “Silver Mountains” or “Lights of Serbia”, has been the leader of Serbia’s winter tourist offer for many years, and the developed infrastructure of hotels,… Read More »

Tours to Slovenia

Despite the fact that this country has an area of ​​less than half of Moscow Region, tours to Slovenia are in high demand among tourists from Moscow and other regions. Wellness holidays in Slovenia are several levels higher than in other European countries: the unique thermal spas of Radenci, Rogashka Slatina, Strunjan provide enjoyment of… Read More »

Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein, Austria

The majestic peaks of the Austrian Alps, swift ski slopes on steep slopes, soft emerald grass of alpine meadows, and also cool water in transparent springs, still warm milk, crispy fragrant bread… All this is the beautiful land of Gasteinertal, where the mountain resorts of Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein. In addition to excellent conditions… Read More »