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French Guiana General Information

General information: First settled by the French in 1604, French Guiana until 1951 was a place of hard labor. According to itypeusa, the European Space Agency launches its satellites from the Kourou launch site in Guiana. Geography Location: northern part of South America, Atlantic coast, between Brazil and Suriname. Geographical coordinates: 4° 00′ N. latitude,… Read More »

About Ecuador

In Spanish, “Ecuador” means equator. The territory of the country lies simultaneously in the northern and southern hemispheres. Ecuador is the most unusual and beautiful country on the continent. Here is the Andes mountain system and many dormant volcanoes. The nature in these places has remained the same as hundreds of years ago, the most… Read More »

Federal University of Roraima (Brazil)

Federal University of Roraima. Academic public institution in the state of Roraima in northern Brazil. It is one of the youngest federal universities of Higher Education in the country. It was created on September 8, 1989. Creation Authorized by Law No. 7364, of September 12, 1985, it was actually created four years later with Decree… Read More »

National University of Misiones (Argentina)

National University of Misiones (UNM or UNaM). Public University of Argentina. It provides undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate training in its academic structures and activities are carried out in six Faculties and two schools. Foundation It was founded by law 20,286 of April 16, 1973, as part of the Taquini plan, the higher education reorganization program… Read More »

Requirements for Studying in Argentina

Study requirements in Argentina The basic requirement for studying abroad in Argentina is the general university entrance qualification. According to directoryaah, Argentina is a country located in South America. As a rule, there are also internal university entrance exams. For students who have a German degree and want to start postgraduate studies in Argentina, different admission criteria… Read More »

Where to Study: Buenos Aires or Santiago?

Buenos Aires or Santiago? Which of these two cities has the best living conditions for foreign students? The capitals of Argentina and Chile are two large urban centers in South America that attract many exchange students, whether for their universities or for Spanish courses. What they have in common is that they are considered two… Read More »