Cities and Airports in California

By | December 3, 2022


According to, Ontario is a city in the San Bernardino region of the US state of California. The city is located 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. The LA/Ontario International Airport is located within the city limits. When you rent a car from the Ontario airport, you have access to all that Los Angeles and this region of Southern California have to offer. Within an hour’s drive you can visit the famous beaches of Santa Monica and Venice Beach, the Walk of Fame in Hollywood and Universal Studios. These are Hollywood’s oldest and most famous studios and are still used today.

But there is also plenty to do outside of Los Angeles. San Bernardino is half an hour’s drive east of Ontario. San Bernardino is a historic city and also the site of the famous Arrowhead Springs hotel and spa. The spa has hot springs, mineral pools and underground steam caves. About an hour’s drive west of Ontario is Pasadena, a historic city in the shadow of the San Gabriel Mountains. Old Pasadena is a neighborhood full of shops and entertainment located in the old stone buildings on Colorado Boulevard. The world-famous Rose Bowl Stadium has been located in Pasadena since 1922 and is surrounded by Brookside Park.

San Bernardino

San Bernardino is a city in California, in the western United States. The city is located about 1 kilometer east of Los Angeles. San Bernardino is the location of the historic Arrowhead Springs hotel and spa. The spa has hot springs, mineral pools and underground steam caves. The city is also the site of the McDonald brothers’ very first burger joint. Many visitors to San Bernardino visit Joshua Tree National Park and Big Bear Lake, north of the city, during their stay. In San Bernardino you can rent a car to best explore these destinations.

Big Bear Lake is located in the San Bernardino Mountains, an hour’s drive from downtown San Bernardino. The small town is located on the lake of the same name and is therefore a popular holiday resort. The lake is a popular destination for water sports. Joshua Tree National Park is about an hour and a half east of San Bernardino. The park is named after the native joshua trees and is over 3000 square kilometers in size. The Mojave Desert and the Colorado Desert are both part of the park. Joshua Tree is a popular location for hiking, climbing, bird watching and astronomy.

Santa Ana

Santa Ana is a city in the state of California, on the west coast of the United States. The city is part of Greater Los Angeles and is 16 kilometers from the coast.Santa Ana is known for its historic downtown and its many museums. The Bowers Museum of Cultural Art is a popular museum that focuses on art from other cultures. Over the years, the museum has had exhibitions about mummies from ancient Egypt and the terracotta warriors of China.

Santa Ana’s location makes it the perfect place to rent a car and explore the area further. A fifteen minute drive north of Santa Ana is Anaheim and Disneyland theme park. This is the only Disney park whose construction was directly overseen by Walt Disney. Not far from Disneyland you can find Knotts Berry Farm. This is a 65 acre amusement park with 40 sensational rides. Huntington Beach, south of Santa Ana, has a 9-mile stretch of sandy beach and is popular with surfers. Thanks to the regular waves, Huntington Beach is also called ‘Surf city’. Newport Beach is also south of Santa Ana and is known for the Bilboa Pavillion, a recreational pavilion on the water.

San Francisco Airport

Close to San Francisco Airport is the car rental airport location Burlingame/Sfo. Upon arrival at the airport, this is the best rental location to rent a car and get into San Francisco. This airport is the largest airport in the area, and the second busiest airport in the state of California. More than 37 million travelers use this airport every year. It is therefore the ninth largest airport in the United States, and the twenty-fourth largest airport in the world in terms of passenger numbers. The airport is located about 20 kilometers south of San Francisco and has four different terminals, three of which are for domestic flights and one for international flights. There are various facilities for travelers at the airport, such as many restaurants, a spa, a medical clinic and luggage storage. A shuttle is available to get to the car rental location.

When driving in the United States, keep in mind that road signs indicate speeds in miles. Don’t forget to always take your driver’s license with you when driving. Other than that, the rules are the same as in the Netherlands. As with any major city, the roads around San Francisco are also very busy during rush hour, so after renting a car try to drive into the city outside rush hour or allow for the delay. San Francisco is one of California’s busiest cities and parking lots in the city will often be occupied. In addition to the roadside, there are also many parking garages with sometimes more than three hundred parking spaces per garage. There is a lot to see in the city, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Fishermans Warf, Alamo Square and Chinatown.

Landmark Aviation

Take advantage of the versatility of Los Angeles, the Landmark Aviation car rental will help you with this! Los Angeles is a city located in the state of California. It is not only one of the largest cities in the United States, but even one of the largest cities in the entire world. In Los Angeles, there is absolutely everything to do, whatever the day, at any time of the day. Enjoy the beautiful weather that you owe to the fine Mediterranean climate and make use of the beautiful beaches and the sea. Los Angeles really has everything to offer when it comes to entertainment. Sports, museums, sights such as Beverly Hills and Hollywood, that and much, much more, this city has to offer you.

The traffic rules in the United States are almost the same as those in the Netherlands. There are two major differences. Firstly, the traffic is not as aggressive as in the Netherlands. Secondly, the Americans obey the traffic rules better. The traffic around the big cities, however, is an exception.

To be able to travel from hot to her, the overcrowded public transport in this city is not always a solution. Therefore, it is very convenient to have your own car that can take you anywhere in the city, including the Los Angeles International Airport. Especially foreign visitors do not have their own car, and there is the Landmark Aviation car rental especially for these people. Rent a car according to your wishes and book it online to be sure!

Eureka Arcata Airport

California is a state of beautiful coastlines, arid deserts and incredible sunsets. It is also a state of great cities, full of life. San Francisco is one of the best and busiest cities in the state. San Francisco is built on no less than 43 hills and is full of brightly colored Victorian houses. The nightlife here is fantastic and the Golden Gate Bridge attracts many tourists to the city every year. Try to take a route where you cross the bridge for a beautiful view.

For a more natural sight, rent a car to travel to Death Valley as it is unique in its beauty. This is a desert with mountains and dunes. It is very hot, but the sunrise and sunset are phenomenal. There is also a National Park to visit. Yosemite National Park is a name many will already know. There are impressive waterfalls, rivers and giant sequoias to admire. For fun activities in the park, head to the golf course or go river rafting.

Eureka Arcata Airport

San Diego: Beautiful Nature And Entertainment

San Diego is about a two-hour drive from Los Angeles Airport. Here you really need a car, because the coast along which you can drive is beautiful. To the north of the city lies the Torrey Pines State Reserve Natural Park, a breathtaking coast with jagged shapes, rugged cliffs and beautiful sunsets. Here you will find miles of pristine beaches and a lagoon important for migrating seabirds.

Balboa Park is a kind of remarkable village in the city of San Diego. Here you will find several museums, playgrounds, theaters, parks and a zoo. Museums you’ll find here include the Comic-Con Museum, the Japanese Friendship Garden, and the San Diego Mineral and Gem Society. The kids can hop on a revolving model or mini train while adults enjoy the atmospheric lighting of the Cabrillo Bridge, the El Cid statue and the California Tower at night.

When you arrive at Los Angeles airport, you can actually go in any direction. Even if you choose to visit the city yourself, you have plenty of choice. Therefore, decide in advance which highlights you absolutely do not want to miss.