Cities of Thailand

By | August 13, 2022

The capital of Thailand – Bangkok – the largest city in Southeast Asia. In Thai, the city has a long name which means Palace for the Gods, Built by the Gods in Paradise, or the City of Angels. Bangkok is located on the banks of the large Chao Phraya River, a few kilometers from the Gulf of Thailand. It is one of the most dynamically developing cities in the world. Almost all administrative institutions and research institutes of Thailand and many international organizations are concentrated in Bangkok. Temples, exhibitions, museums display a fantastic variety of old and new art, bars and discos of all types are the legendary focus of nightlife,

According to best-medical-schools, Bangkok is famous for its sights. On the banks of the Chao Phraya River opposite the Royal Palace is Wat Arun, famous for its 79-meter pagoda, decorated with ceramics and colored porcelain. The Royal Palace itself and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha located on the territory of the palace complex are unique architectural monuments known throughout the world. The palace complex is located near the Chao Phraya River, so it is convenient to get to it by boat.

In Bangkok, there is an old Buddhist temple, Wat Po, famous for its rich decoration and a huge gilded statue of a reclining Buddha. There is a Thai massage school in Wat Pho, and visitors are also massaged here.

In the “City of Angels” walking is the fastest way to get anywhere, this form of “transport” is much faster than a taxi or a bus. Another great mode of transport is the water taxi. In addition to the fact that this mode of transportation is unusual in itself, you can also see the real life of Bangkok at every stop along the canal.

Bangkok is the city that never sleeps. From 9 pm until 2 am, its evening life lasts, and some clubs are open until 7 am. The center of nightlife is the Patpong market. These are bars with shows and cabarets, clubs and massage parlors, and a place where you can buy so-called “copies” of famous brands at extremely low prices.

Bangkok’s nightlife is vibrant, varied and exotic. In the capital of Thailand, a myriad of restaurants, cafes, eateries, street kitchens and other catering establishments. In whatever area of ​​the city a tourist finds himself, he can be sure that there is a place nearby where you can have a tasty and satisfying lunch. The most expensive restaurants are located in the Silom, Siam Square, Suravong and Sukhumvit areas, but in general the price level is considered quite acceptable for the average Russian tourist.

Bangkok is famous all over the world for its developed sex industry. There are many strip bars in the city, which are mainly concentrated in two areas of the city: most of them on Patpong Street, where the night clothing market is located, and a dozen or two on Cowboy Street. Bars open at 8-9pm and stay open until 2am (although they officially close at 1am). The sex show starts around 11pm. For a certain fee, you can take the girl out of the bar, you need to negotiate additionally with her about the reward.

Tips for a tourist traveling to Thailand

Going to Thailand, you need to know about some of the nuances of holidays in this country. The tips below will help make it more comfortable.


Never drink tap water. Bottled drinking water is very inexpensive and sold at every turn. Also in the minibar of most hotels you will find 2 free bottles of drinking water in the room every day.

Be careful in the sun. Even with significant cloud cover, without having time to adapt to the climate, there is a risk of getting a sunburn. Always use protective creams and do not overuse sunburn, especially in the first days of rest.

Always remember about the peculiarities of traffic in Thailand (it is on the left side). When crossing the street, look first to the right.

Respect Buddhism and its traditions. When visiting active temples, short-sleeved clothing or shorts are not acceptable. If you want to take a photo, do not lean on or sit on the Buddha statue.

It is not customary to shout and sort things out in the presence of other people.

When entering a temple or a Thai house, be sure to take off your shoes at the doorstep. The same should be done in a beauty salon or barbershop.

Respect those who are older than you. If you are bargaining with a seller in the market or a taxi driver of venerable age, do it as politely, correctly and with a smile as possible – you will immediately notice how this will affect the price of the service.

Do not accept from unauthorized persons any packages, envelopes or parcels that you will have to carry through the border of Thailand! If drugs are found on you, life imprisonment is the minimum sentence.

Tickets for buses, trains and planes can only be purchased at the box office of the terminals or at local travel agencies licensed by the TAT (Thai Tourism Board).

It is best to get vaccinated against cholera long before departure. For a general strengthening of the body’s immune system, it is useful to get vaccinated against hepatitis “A”, transmitted through food, before a trip. In Thailand, there are practically no diseases traditional for the tropics, so you should not worry too much.

Everyone loves a tip here – even the grocery store clerks who give you back your change.

Speak with due respect of the King and members of the Royal Family. These are people deeply respected by all Thais and any disparaging phrase or gesture towards them is perceived as a personal insult.

Cities of Thailand