Coffey County, Kansas Demographics

By | June 30, 2023

Coffey County is located in the east-central region of Kansas, and lies just south of the Neosho River. The county seat is Burlington, and other cities include Gridley, Lebo, New Strawn, Waverly, and Yates Center. Coffey County has a total area of 592 square miles and is home to a population of 8,521 people as of 2019.

Coffey County has a humid continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. Average temperatures range from highs in the mid 80s in mid-summer to lows around 10°F during winter months. Rainfall averages around 37 inches per year with snowfall averaging around 16 inches per year.

The landscape in Coffey County varies from rolling hills to flat prairies with some wooded areas along the creeks and small rivers that traverse the area. There are also several lakes scattered throughout the county including Lake Coffeyville which is located just outside Burlington.

Agriculture is the main industry in Coffey County with corn, soybeans, wheat, sorghum and hay being among the major crops grown here. Cattle ranching is also popular as well as some poultry farming operations. Other industries include manufacturing (especially food processing), energy production (coal mining), tourism (especially hunting), retail trade and services such as health care and education.

The population of Coffey County is relatively diverse for Kansas standards with whites making up 87% of residents followed by African Americans at 6%, Native Americans at 1%, Asians at 1%, Pacific Islanders at 0%, Hispanics or Latinos at 4%, and other races making up 1%. The median household income for Coffey County was $45,851 in 2017 while 14% of residents live below poverty line according to Census data from 2018.

Coffey County offers its residents a unique blend of rural living combined with modern amenities such as healthcare facilities, shopping options, entertainment venues, and educational institutions (both public schools and private colleges) all set against a backdrop of rolling hills covered in crops or grazing cattle that make it a great place to live or visit for anyone looking for an authentic slice of middle America life.

Economy of Coffey County, Kansas

Coffey County, Kansas has a diverse economy that is centered around agriculture and energy production. Agriculture is the main industry in the county, with corn, soybeans, wheat, sorghum and hay being among the major crops grown here. Cattle ranching is also popular as well as some poultry farming operations. The county’s agricultural sector provides employment for many of its citizens as well as bringing in revenue for local businesses.

Energy production is also an important part of Coffey County’s economy. Coal mining has been a mainstay of the local economy since the early 20th century and remains so today. In addition to coal mining, there are several natural gas wells located throughout the county that provide jobs and revenue to local businesses.

Manufacturing is another key sector of Coffey County’s economy. Food processing is a major industry in the area due to its proximity to large grain-producing farms. There are several manufacturing plants located within the county that produce a variety of products including furniture, clothing, tools and automotive parts.

Retail trade is an important part of Coffey County’s economy as well; there are several small businesses located throughout the county offering goods and services to both locals and visitors alike. These include grocery stores, restaurants, clothing stores, hardware stores and more.

Tourism is also an important economic driver in Coffey County; hunting has been popular in this region since before it was settled by Europeans hundreds of years ago and continues to attract visitors from all over the world today. In addition to hunting opportunities, there are many other attractions that draw visitors such as historic sites like Fort Scott National Historic Site or scenic trails like Fall River State Park Trail which offer plenty of activities for outdoor enthusiasts year-round.

Coffey County offers its residents a diverse mix of economic opportunities from agriculture and energy production to retail trade and tourism making it a great place for anyone looking for employment or business opportunities in middle America.

Libraries in Coffey County, Kansas

According to babyinger, Coffey County, Kansas is home to a variety of public libraries that provide its citizens with access to books, periodicals, films, and other resources. The county is served by the Burlington Public Library, the LeRoy Public Library, and the Waverly Public Library. Each library offers its own unique services and programs that are tailored to meet the needs of local residents.

The Burlington Public Library is located in the city of Burlington and serves as a regional library with an extensive collection of books and periodicals. The library also provides access to computers for research and other activities as well as WiFi for those who need it. Additionally, they offer a variety of educational programs for both adults and children such as story time and book clubs.

The LeRoy Public Library is located in the small town of LeRoy in Coffey County, Kansas. This library has a wide selection of books including fiction, nonfiction, and reference materials. It also offers free WiFi access for patrons who need it. In addition to books, they also carry magazines, newspapers, audio books, DVDs/Blu-rays, video games and more. They also host a variety of events such as author visits or movie screenings throughout the year.

Finally, there’s the Waverly Public Library which serves the small town of Waverly in Coffey County. This library provides patrons with access to a wide range of materials including books on various topics such as history or science fiction as well as reference materials like encyclopedias or dictionaries. Additionally, they offer free computer access for research purposes or other activities like job searching or online classes. They also have their own book club that meets once a month where members can discuss their favorite reads or make new friends.

Coffey County’s public libraries provide its citizens with plenty of resources that allow them to learn more about their community or just relax with some leisure reading material. Whether you need to do some research for school projects or just want some entertainment options these libraries are sure to have something for everyone.

Landmarks in Coffey County, Kansas

Coffey County, Kansas

According to directoryaah, Coffey County, Kansas is a beautiful part of the Midwest that is full of interesting historical and natural landmarks. From prairies and rivers to old-fashioned towns and historic sites, this area has something for everyone to explore.

One of the most well-known landmarks in Coffey County is the Burlington Historical Museum. This museum houses more than 8,000 artifacts from the 19th and 20th centuries that tell the story of this region’s history. Visitors can see farming equipment, military uniforms, and other items used by early settlers in this area. The museum also has an extensive library with books about local history as well as archives containing documents related to early settlement in Coffey County.

The Santa Fe Trail also runs through Coffey County, making it an ideal spot for outdoor lovers who want to explore some of Kansas’s most scenic landscapes. This trail was once used by Native Americans as a trade route between Missouri and New Mexico before it was taken over by pioneers during the mid-1800s. Today, it’s still an important part of Kansas history and anyone can enjoy hiking or horseback riding along its winding paths.

The Prairie Rose State Park is another popular destination in Coffey County that offers breathtaking views of rolling hills covered in wildflowers and tallgrass prairie. This state park has a variety of activities for visitors including fishing, boating, camping, and bird watching. There are also several trails through the park where visitors can take in the beauty of this unique landscape while learning about its natural history from interpretive signage along the way.

Finally, there’s Waverly Town Square which serves as a reminder of small-town life during simpler times when people would gather around a central square to socialize or conduct business transactions with neighbors or merchants from other towns nearby. Today, it still serves as an important community gathering place and hosts events such as farmers’ markets or holiday celebrations throughout the year that bring residents together from all over Coffey County.

From historic sites to outdoor recreation areas, there’s something for everyone to enjoy here in Coffey County. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful getaway or fun activities with friends you won’t be disappointed when visiting these landmarks.