Czech Republic Attractions

By | January 8, 2022

Famous spa and bathing resorts, numerous castles, palaces, cultural monuments and a multitude of lakes make the region an insider tip for nature lovers and hikers. The Giant Mountains beckons with their nature park and one of the most beautiful cross-country skiing areas in the country. South Bohemia is a popular summer vacation area. It is known for its palaces and castles and its numerous lakes.

The state capital Prague, picturesquely situated on the Vltava (Moldau), is also called the city of a hundred thousand towers. The city impressively combines the different architectural style epochs into a harmonious overall picture. Romantic rotundas alternate with Gothic turrets.

According to itypeusa, the Czech economy is closely linked to the European economy. Even during the communist era, Czechoslovakia was one of the most developed and progressive countries in the Eastern Bloc. But later the Czech Republic could no longer keep pace and was pushed aside by other countries. A short time after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the economy was largely privatized. A good development could be noticed soon afterwards. Today the largest industry in the Czech Republic is the service sector.

The Skodawerke are one of the main plants in the automotive manufacturing sector. Metal, machinery, food and the wood industry are also important economic factors in the Czech Republic. There are also companies and companies from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Glass and ceramic products have been part of the Czech economy for decades.

Czech Republic – places of interest

The Czech Republic has a lot to offer its visitors. This includes a large number of the most varied attractionsin the country.

So you should look at the Domnot to be missed the purification of the Virgin Mary. The cathedral was built according to the plans of the architect Jiri Klicznik between 1734 and 1756. The baroque monuments of St. Florian, St. John Nepomuk and St. Joseph are particularly impressive. The cathedral is also home to a baroque organ that was made in the workshop of the organ builder Jan Vymol in Brno.

You should also have seen the Barbaradom in Kudna Hora. This is a five-aisledcathedralin neo-Gothic style. Construction of the cathedral began in 1388 and took a few years to complete.

The Doksany Monastery and Castle is also worth a visit. It was founded by the Premonstratensians in 1144.

Other interesting sacred buildings in the Czech Republic are the Koster Hradisko, Klokity Monastery, Osek Monastery of the Virgin Mary, Tepi Monastery, etc. There are definitely a few to see.

The Vltava bridges are something special. There are fifteen of them in the city of Prague. The most famous is the Charles Bridge, which is only accessible to pedestrians. The bridge was built in 1357 on the orders of Charles IV. It is considered to be the best preserved stone bridge in all of Europe.

The dam walls at the Lipno reservoir are also worth a detour. They are approximately twenty-five meters high and 296 meters long. It is dammed up by the dams to an area of ​​almost fifty square meters. Even Wenceslas Square in Prague should be seen.

Komeriz Castle is absolutely impressive. It was built in the sixteenth century and still has the historical interior, which has a corresponding value over the centuries. The impressive hunting, council and throne rooms, as well as the pink and tsar salons will certainly be remembered for a long time to come.
Inside Komeriz Castle, you can also visit the special picture gallery of the Prague National Gallery.

The Villa Tugendhat was built in 1929 according to the plans of the architect Mies van der Rohe. It is considered the most important work of the architect in all of Europe. For several years the villa has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You should also have seen the National Museum in Prague. It is the largest and oldest museum in the city.

The Vysehrad in Prague is impressive. The Vysehrad is a rampart from the early Middle Ages. It was founded in the tenth century as the city’s second castle.

The largest closed castle complex in the world is also worth a visit. Prague Castle was built in the ninth century. Today it is the accommodation and official residence of the President of the Czech Republic.

The Spielberg Castle near Brno is also worth seeing. It was built in the thirteenth century and is now a popular destination for locals. It has an old, albeit strongly changing, history. So the castle was almost everything, from fortress, barracks to prison.

The Czech Republic is also the right choice for nature lovers among tourists, as they will certainly get their money’s worth in the country.

The country has a number of national parks to offer. The oldest park dates from 1963 and has an area of ​​363 square kilometers.

Other interesting natural beauties of the country are the nature reserve Adersbach-Weckelsdorfer Felsenstadt, Chriby, the Bohemian Paradise or the nature reserve Mia.

Czech Republic Attractions