Disney Magic Kingdom, Florida

By | March 26, 2022

According to listofusnewspapers, the Magic Kingdom theme park, which opened on October 1, 1971, is one of the absolute highlights of the Walt Disney World Resort and a paradise for children.

If you think of the Disney theme parks, you will in all likelihood have a castle in mind. The “Cinderella Castle” or in German “Cinderella Castle” is one of the landmarks par excellence for the Disney Resorts. The building, which was modeled on Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria in terms of its architectural style, is in a central location in the “Magic Kingdom” theme park, which is part of the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando. This Florida amusement park is the most visited theme park in the world. An average of 45,000 visitors flow through its gates every day. The “Magic Kingdom” is the oldest of the four theme parks. Incidentally, it is currently being gradually modernized.

One railroad for 48 attractions

On October 1, 1971, the time had come: the “Magic Kingdom” and thus the first section of the “Walt Disney World Resort” opened in Orlando Florida. Actually, this first section should have been very different from the first Disney world, which had been a great success in Anaheim, California since the 1950s. But between the start of construction and completion, the founder Walt Disney died and took many of his ideas with him. To be on the safe side, the “Magic Kingdom” was modeled in many ways on the park in Anaheim, without detracting from its popularity in the least.

If you look at the park map of the magical kingdom today, you will discover 48 attractions, which are located in seven different themed areas. The “Walt Disney World Railroad” connects the attractions with each other so that visitors can easily reach them all.

It’s all a matter of perspective

Of course, a visit to Walt Disney in Florida is mostly fun. By the way, young and old can also learn a lot there. In the “Main Street USA” area, for example, various architectural styles from many parts of the country have been taken up. If you look carefully, you will see things from a new perspective: In the case of large buildings such as Cinderella Castle (which is actually only 55 meters high), the floors get lower and lower when viewed from the bottom up.

The eye does not recognize this trick, or at least not necessarily. Everything in the Magic Kingdom seems much higher and bigger than it actually is. Magical!

Always new worlds, always new attractions

All children have their rights in the Magic Kingdom, even the very little ones. For them, the topic “Fantasyland” is the first address. Above all, the rides there are designed so that even the youngest can safely have fun. The park’s motto revolves around carnival and the Middle Ages, and even babies are familiar with the characters that appear here – above all, of course, the bear Winnie the Pooh.

Things are a little more daring in “Liberty Square”. The American Revolution is reviving here and the haunted mansion also takes nerves. Other attractions include the Presidential Hall and a ride on the Magic Kingdom’s River. Visitors to the “Adventureland” experience foreign countries and cultures, while in the “Frontierland” they go into the wild world of cowboys and Indians.

In “Tomorrowland” you can take a look into the future; at least in a future as envisioned by the engineers and designers at Walt Disney. In keeping with this, the “Tomorrow Speedway” will take you through the here and now in a futuristic, rapid manner.

Anyone who has ever been to Walt Disney World Resort will notice a major change when they return. “Mickey’s Toontown Fair” has become the “Storybook Circus”. The renaming took place after numerous modernizations. The extremely popular “Dumbo” carousel has remained. This is now even available twice – because of the great demand and to shorten waiting times.

Magic Kingdom is primarily an entertainment offer for families with children. Time flies by and the little ones are enthusiastic. You should plan a full day. Many attractions are comparable in Disneyland Paris. Anyone who has never been to a Disney Park as an adult will experience how the company’s imagineers manage to fool visitors into an ideal world far away from all the gloom of this world; even big skeptics usually lose their critical faculties during the day.

Disney Magic Kingdom