Entertainment and Attractions in Eilat, Israel

By | November 29, 2022

The main direction of Eilat is a beach holiday, but for sightseeing tourism there is also everything you need here. The main attraction of the city is a picturesque coral reef, the northernmost in the world. To admire the underwater landscape and its inhabitants, it is not at all necessary to dive into the depths of the sea. There is an underwater observatory on the territory of the Coral Beach Reserve, there is a large-scale exhibition dedicated to the flora and fauna of the Red Sea and tropical animals from South America.

A separate exposition of the observatory demonstrates the nightlife of the Red Sea. Most of the “exhibits” presented here glow in the dark. Check itypeusa for other cities and countries as well as brief information about Middle East.

One of the most interesting historical sights of Eilat is the Timna Valley, which, with the easy suggestion of the Israeli archaeologist Nelson Gluck, received the name “King Solomon’s Mines”. Copper mines have been here since the 10th century BC. e. Now between the Solomon Pillars, rock paintings, ancient mines and other finds of archaeologists, dozens of hiking routes have been laid. Shows and musical events are held in a small recreational area near the lake.

Estimated cost of some excursions: sailing on a yacht in the Gulf of Eilat – 115 ILS, a cruise to the Egyptian coral island – 250 ILS, a glass-bottom ship “Jules Verne” – 80 ILS, a casino paraboat – 150 ILS, a musical folklore evening in a kibbutz – 200 ILS.

Not far from the Timna Valley, 35 km from Eilat, is the Hai-Bar Yotvata nature reserve. It was created to revive the populations of animals that once lived here and are mentioned in the Bible. The main part of the reserve covers an area of ​​12 square meters. km. It is inhabited by peaceful mammals. Predators and reptiles live in isolated areas, a special area is reserved for the study of nocturnal animals. The reserve is open to visitors, it is possible to camp and stay overnight. Day trips last an average of 2 hours, with entrance closing one hour before sunset.

6 things to do in Eilat

  1. Thoroughly explore the northernmost coral reef and avoid stepping on a sea urchin.
  2. Find and taste the most exotic dish.
  3. Ride an ostrich.
  4. Explore King Solomon’s Mines.
  5. Tame a dolphin.
  6. Find a hill and try to see neighboring Jordan and Egypt from it.

Eilat for children

There are several amusement parks in Eilat. Those who just want to ride the carousels and slides should head to Fantasy in the city center. And if you plan to combine business with pleasure, it is better to make a choice in favor of the City of the Kings. This is a biblical themed theme park. In addition to fun attractions, guests will travel to the past, to the time of King Solomon.

There is a place in Eilat where you can hide from the heat and have a great rest with the whole family. Ice Park Ice Palace is always cool, there is a huge skating rink and many shops and restaurants. Of particular interest to young tourists is a small glass sphere, inside which a real winter is recreated with snow and ice slides.

You can chat with some of the most amazing and charming inhabitants of the sea at the Dolphin Reef Beach, an amusement park in the south of Eilat. Pontoons and viewing platforms are installed in the water, from which visitors observe the behavior of animals. Young travelers enjoy jumping into the pool with dolphins to swim in masks or scuba gear. And adults rarely stay away from such unusual entertainment.

Eilat beaches

12 km of beautiful beaches are the main advantage of Eilat. All of them are very civil: there are sun loungers, umbrellas and, as a rule, at least one cafe in the visibility zone. The resort is divided into two parts – North Shore and Coral Beach. The northern coast is sandy and pebble beaches, but the name of the second part speaks for itself.

The beach “Migdalor” is especially popular, it is very cozy, with free sunbeds and armchairs. The coral reef there comes very close to the shore, and the bottom is rocky, so the water is always clear. There is a nice bar right on the beach.

The north coast is within the city. Although the beaches here belong to hotels, admission is free, but you will have to pay for using a sun lounger – 15-20 ILS. Snokeling lovers have nothing to do here – there are no corals and tropical fish. But it is convenient and safe to swim with children.

Those who want to go snorkeling or scuba diving should head to the south coast. There is the northernmost coral reef in the world. In some areas, it will not be possible to enter the sea from the shore, only through a special pier. On two beaches – Dolphin Reef and Coral Reef – the entrance is paid (35-70 ILS). But the entire infrastructure can be used for free.


Almost all year round in Eilat is sunny weather, and rainfall is so rare that the likelihood of getting caught in the rain tends to zero. In July-September, there are usually a lot of Israelis here, this is due to religious holidays. At the same time, there is a strong heat in the city, unusual for the inhabitants of the middle lane. People with cardiovascular diseases and hypertension are generally not recommended to plan a vacation in Eilat in mid-summer or early autumn.

The resort is especially popular among tourists from Europe and Russia in winter, during the New Year and Christmas holidays. However, at this time it is relatively cool on the coast. To fully enjoy a beach holiday, it is better to go in the middle of spring or autumn.

Attractions in Eilat, Israel