Exchange in Dublin, Ireland

By | September 27, 2019

If you want to study in a place with centuries-old streets, friendly people and fun traditions, an exchange in Ireland can be a perfect option for you. Are you interested? So check out these 3 tips on what you should know before moving to Dublin, the country’s capital.

Is it safe to exchange in Dublin?

Although Dublin is a big city by European standards, the crime rate is relatively low. Dublin is the most sought-after city for exchange in Ireland and receives many tourists. This increases the chances of thefts in busy areas. The best tip is to be aware of your surroundings, as you would anywhere else.

It is always a good idea not to do programs alone at night and pay close attention to your personal items. If you experience anything that could be a real threat, learn how to contact the police. Also, learn how to locate the Brazilian Embassy in Dublin. For crises large and small, the embassy is usually the best resource for travelers.

Is it safe to exchange in Dublin

Courses of various durations

According to COUNTRYAAH, an interesting fact about Dublin exchange programs is that they are offered throughout the year! While many students like to take advantage of the short summer programs, there are a lot of semester and annual courses as well.

Semi-annual and annual programs will be more expensive, of course. But if you imagine yourself traveling through the countryside of Ireland, drinking endless beers and using the extra time to learn a little bit of the Gaelic of the locals, it is well worth it. Another perk over the longer programs in Dublin is the amount of classes you can take.

However, choosing to study in Dublin during the summer is no less exciting than semester or year programs. You can still study at different universities, travel and develop your studies quickly. It may be a short trip, but it will be just as special as the others.

How much does it cost to study in Dublin?

This part, without a doubt, worries everyone! Finding an affordable course, or even a scholarship, is one of the best options in this case. It is also important to remember that certain programs offer more features than others, so it is always important to compare.

Although the semester and annual courses may represent a greater expense, in fact they are full of extra benefits that are already included in the price (or in the scholarship). This may mean that your housing, full-time enrollment, cultural excursions, medical insurance and academic guidance will already be paid.

It is important to remember that Dublin is not exactly a cheap city. As for the cost of living, students in Ireland generally spend an average of € 200 per week (around R $ 840).

The rent for an entire one-bedroom apartment, for example, averages € 750. In that case, it pays to consider renting a room in an apartment or house with other people. Thus, the average value drops to around € 300. Water, electricity and gas bills are around € 150 per month.

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