Famous Mountains in Serbia

By | April 30, 2022

Kopaonik mountains

According to 800zipcodes, Kopaonik is the largest mountain range in Serbia, stretching for 75 km from the northwest to the southeast of the country. Kopaonik, also known as the “Silver Mountains” or “Lights of Serbia”, has been the leader of Serbia’s winter tourist offer for many years, and the developed infrastructure of hotels, prepared ski slopes and related activities put Kopaonik, the heart of the National Park of the same name, in the list of the best regional ski centers popular with both local and foreign tourists.

The Kopaonik Ski Center has more than 50 km of alpine skiing and 12 km of Nordic skiing, 6 of which are slalom and giant slalom. The tracks are serviced by a system of 24 lifts with a throughput of 33,000 people per hour. Additional features such as night skiing, snowpark, off-piste; 97% of the slopes are covered with an artificial snow system. Due to all this, Kopaonik is ranked among the largest ski centers in this part of Europe.

In addition to excellent conditions for professional and amateur skiers, Kopaonik has a developed infrastructure and a choice of entertainment for those for whom skiing is not a priority. During the winter and summer months, Kopaonik offers great nightlife in numerous restaurants and clubs, as well as tourists can ride the funicular to the highest point of Kopaonik, Pancicev Vrh at an altitude of 2.107 m. There are also three mountain bike trails 5 km long, a bicycle park, organized walks to the ruins of the Church of the Heavens of the Capital or the waterfall Elovarnik (the highest waterfall in Serbia), tricycle mountain biking, zip-line, outdoor and indoor pools, gyms and spa centers, sports fields, etc. Most places for of residence is located in the area “Ravni Kopaonik” at an altitude of 1780 m.

During their stay in Kopaoniki, tourists can choose from several interesting excursions. Among them, a visit to the monasteries of Giurgevi Stupovi and Sopochani, part of the sites of Stari Ras, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979, stands out. For wine lovers, it will be interesting to visit the Aleksandrovačka Župa area, famous for its wineries, and nature lovers will certainly be surprised to see the Devil’s City, a unique natural phenomenon.

Mountains Zlatibor

Zlatibor is one of the most famous Serbian highlands and visited tourist centers in Serbia. Zlatibor is located in the west, 230 km from Belgrade. The average height above sea level is 1000 m, the specific geographical position and the famous “wind rose” at the point of collision of mountain and sea air – all this makes Zlatibor a unique resort. Medical studies have shown that the area is suitable for the treatment of respiratory diseases, anemia, neurasthenia, cardiac problems and thyroid. Dense coniferous forests that gave their name to the highlands, meadows, pastures and mountain streams make up the unique nature of Zlatibor, which stands out in the list of Serbian tourist destinations.

Visitors to Zlatibor have access to numerous services and recreational activities. For nature lovers, walking and cycling paths, horseback riding, paragliding are arranged here. In summer, you can cool off in the pools, nearby lakes or oxbow lakes. In winter, a ski school for children is open in the center of Zlatibor. Just 7 km from the city, on the highest slope of Mount Tornik (1500m), there is a modern ski center: 4 slopes of various categories with artificial snow systems and lifts.

Stara Planina Mountains

The Stara Planina Mountains are located in the eastern part of Serbia and are part of the Balkan mountain range, which gave the name to the whole peninsula. The mountains are located 330 km from Belgrade and 70 km from Nis, and administratively belong to the municipalities of four cities: Zajecar, Knyazevac, Pirot and Dimitrovgrad. The highest point of Stara Planina, and of the whole of Serbia, is called Midzhor and reaches a height of 2.169 m. The unique landscapes of Stara Planina are best enjoyed in the Babin Zub nature park, where at an altitude of 1758 m there are steep cliffs and sharp rocks, magnificent waterfalls, meadows with berries and rich forests.

Skiers of all categories can ride on excellent slopes of varying difficulty with a total length of 13 km, and for lovers of extreme sports there are untouched sections of the slope. The mountains are covered with snow for an average of 5 months a year, but there are artificial snow installations in the ski center. The center of the tourist offer of Stara Planina is the Hotel Stara Planina **** with an indoor swimming pool, a spa center and a gym. During the summer months, Stara Planina is the perfect destination for lovers of untouched nature, ready to discover the immeasurable wealth of these beautiful mountains and enjoy walking, cycling, fishing and more.

Stara Planina is incredibly rich in water and is the source of two of the most important rivers in Eastern Serbia: Nishava and Timoka. The territory was declared a Natural Park in 1997 and has been under state protection ever since. In addition to the unique ecosystem, which is home to many different species, Stara Planina is proud of its cuisine and authentic world-famous cheeses: Staroplaninsky and Pirotsky. Guests of Stara Planina can take advantage of the offer of one-day excursions with visits to Rajački pimnice, a unique village of winemakers near the town of Negotin, and Sokobani, a resort with famous thermal mineral waters, or the cities of Pirot and Knyaževac.

Divcibare mountains

Just 100 km from Belgrade, in the central part of Serbia called Šumadija, there is one of the most beautiful plateaus of Divčibare. Divčibare, tucked away in the Malen mountain range, at a pleasant altitude of 1000 m above sea level with a temperate mountain climate, is an ideal place to escape from the city and relax in beautiful nature. In spring and summer, the air is saturated with the smell of narcissus blooming on the mountains, and in winter everything is covered with snow, which often remains until spring. The Divčibare tourist center is built on the most beautiful mountain slope and is surrounded by coniferous forests and meadows with ethnic huts and restaurants that fit into the idyllic atmosphere.

Due to its location and temperate climate, Divčibare is ideal for taking air baths and is suitable for children and adults suffering from asthma and bronchitis. In addition to the healing effect, this plateau offers various sports and recreational activities for guests of all ages, and especially for children. Walking paths, playgrounds, mountain bikes and quad bikes, sports grounds, ethno-restaurants and much more await visitors to Divchibar. In winter, there are two ski slopes “Crni Vrh” and “Tsentar”, ideal for beginners and children.

Divcibare mountains