Georgia State Overview

By | October 5, 2022

Georgia is a federal state in the southeastern United States. From the north, Georgia is bordered by the states of Tennessee and North Carolina, from the south by the state of Florida. From the east, Georgia is surrounded by the state of South Carolina and the Atlantic Ocean. To the west, Georgia is bordered by the states of Alabama and Florida. The surface slopes from the Appalachian Mountains to the foothills and passes into the lowlands. There are deep gulfs of the Atlantic Ocean on the southeast coast. Georgia has a humid subtropical climate.

In 1732, James Edward Oglethorpe (1696-1785) received from the English King George II. (1683-1760) a charter that authorized him to establish a new North American colony. In honor of the king, the colony was named Georgia. This last of the original 13 American colonies was founded to provide opportunity for the poor, landless British and released convicts. Attempts to produce silk, wine and spices, however, had only limited success. In 1752, Georgia came back under royal control.

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In January 1861, the state assembly voted to secede from the Union. In 1864, after a long blockade and a series of attacks, the federal army under the leadership of General William Tecumseh Sherman (1820-1891) destroyed the city of Atlanta and severely devastated the country while advancing to the coast. In 1865, Confederate President Jefferson Davis (1808-1889) was captured on Georgia soil.

Cotton cultivation has partially given way to groundnuts, soybeans and corn. The traditional textile, clothing and paper industries were overtaken by electronics and aircraft manufacturing. Numerous military facilities are also of economic importance. The country is home to America’s largest kaolin deposits. Dynamic development in recent years has made the city one of the most important business and financial centers of the entire United States. The importance of the city was underlined by the allocation of the Olympic Games in 1996.

The largest airport in the world is Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Georgia, USA. In 2007, 89.4 million passengers were handled here. Atlanta is not only a huge aviation hub, but also the headquarters of the Coca-Cola company.

Stone Mountain – a trip to KamennĂ¡ hora

If you are looking for a romantic deserted nature in the middle of wild forests, you will be disappointed. However, if you want to indulge in some fun and delight yourself and your children, Stone Mountain Park will be the perfect stop on your trip.

Today, Stone Mountain Park is literally a family park, combining beautiful natural scenery with American history and children’s attractions. Families come here not only for trips and entertainment, but also for education, relaxation or a pleasant meeting with friends.

Stone Mountain Park was established in 1969 in an area long before settled by immigrants from England, Ireland, Germany and Scotland. You can still see the difficult beginnings of these farmers and their daily life in the park. A typical country church, stately houses of planters, small farms with adjacent buildings, or a number of photographs depicting the life of simple farmers, all of this inextricably belongs to the history of the USA.

Stone Mountain Park got its name from the monumental granite mountain that dominates the entire area. From its top you can enjoy a wonderful view of the surroundings. In clear weather, visibility is up to 80 km. If you don’t want to make the less than two kilometer long trek on foot, you can take the cable car to the top. On the other hand, for nature and hiking lovers, there is a network of nature trails that will take you through flowery plains and forest paths, where you can observe birds and, if you’re lucky, even meet a deer, wild hare or gray fox.

However, the park operators did not forget even the smallest visitors. They can have fun in the framework of children’s games and competitions, organized in the tree town, which was specially built here for these purposes. A little lesson, but above all fun and a great experience is provided in the local cinema by a 4D performance, the fourth dimension of which is created by special effects that literally draw young and old viewers into the action.

Surrounded by Stone Mountain on three sides, the large lake is an ideal place for fishing enthusiasts. A day’s fishing license can be purchased for $15 at the park entrance, and then all you have to do is wait by the lake for a good catch and watch the paddle steamer ply its waters at regular intervals. Every evening, the park bids farewell to its visitors with a spectacular laser show. The light effects last three quarters of an hour, and the laser show is said to be the largest show of its kind in the world.

According to COUNTRYAAH, Stone Mountain Park is located approximately twenty kilometers east of Atlanta, the capital of the state of Georgia. It is open year-round, although individual attractions in the park have different operating hours, depending on the time of year. The park entrance fee of $8 is per car only, regardless of the number of passengers. Attraction fees are charged separately, or an all-day pass can be purchased for $22 (children 3-11 for $18).

Stone Mountain Park