Irkutsk, Russia

By | August 6, 2022

Bratsk, Irkutsk region (Russia)

According to ehangzhou, Bratsk is located on the banks of the Bratsk reservoir, 490 km north of Irkutsk. The Bratsk Ostrog was founded in 1631 at the mouth of the Oka River by the Yenisei Cossacks. After the Bratsk prison lost its defensive value, it became the village of Bratsk. In connection with the construction of the Bratsk reservoir (1954), the village of Bratsk was moved to the north. In 1955, Bratsk received city status.

Probably the most important attraction of Bratsk is the Bratsk hydroelectric power station. The height of its individual structures is 125 m, and the Bratsk reservoir, which forms the hydroelectric power station, has an area of 5470 square meters. km and a volume of 169.3 cubic meters. km, which makes it one of the largest reservoirs in Russia. In Bratsk there is an architectural and ethnographic museum “Angara village”, which began working in 1983. Here, in the open air, you can see two sectors – Evenk and Russian, where the buildings of these peoples are presented. The most interesting are the plague dwellings, surrounded by sculptures of spirits, the Archangel Michael Church (1875) and the Bratsk prison tower (1654).

In the vicinity of the city on Mount Pikhtovaya there are three ski slopes. Their length is 504 m, 1027 m and 1200 m. The height difference here is 250 m. There are 2 rope tows to the top of the slope. Not far from the slopes there is a snowboard park with a halfpipe. The reconstruction of the ski base Orekhovaya Gora, which is located 70 km from Bratsk, is also underway.

The sanatorium “Bratskoye Vzmorye” is located 60 km from Bratsk.. There is a unique mineral spring here, the water of which is moderately mineralized bromine, sulfate-chloride, magnesium-calcium-sodium. The sanatorium specializes in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and is considered one of the best Siberian resorts in this area. It is equipped with modern equipment, with the help of which such procedures as balneotherapy, herbal medicine, light and physiotherapy and acupuncture are carried out. Also, various kinds of rinsing, irrigation, washing, tubage and massages are widely practiced here. In addition to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the sanatorium treats diseases of the nervous system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, connective tissue and genitourinary system. One of the newest methods of treatment – halotherapy (salt mine) is offered in “Brotherly Seashore”.

Angarsk, Irkutsk region (Russia)

The city of Angarsk is located 46 km northwest of Irkutsk at the confluence of the Kitoy River with the Angara River. It was founded in 1945 as a settlement at a petrochemical enterprise, which to this day is the largest enterprise in the city. Angarskreceived city status in 1951.

The main attraction of Angarsk is the Clock Museum. It contains the most complete collection of watches in Russia, which has about a thousand exhibits. The museum has four halls, where a wide variety of chronometers are collected, from ancient to modern. The Museum of Minerals also operates in Angarsk with a collection of minerals, samples of gems and stone souvenirs and the Victory Museum, which tells about the Angarsk residents of the Great Patriotic War.

There are three sanatoriums in Angarsk, where local sodium chloride waters are used for treatment. Here they carry out the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, nervous system, digestive organs, respiratory organs, metabolism and diseases of the joints. In the sanatorium “Zhemchuzhina”, in addition to the basic procedures, they offer artificial radon waters (radioactive waters of a stimulating factor, with a small amount of radiation), which are used to treat hypertension, heart and joint diseases. Ski center opened in Angarsk

Angarskaya Gorka. There is one track 450 m long with a height difference of about 100 m. Tourists are delivered to the top of the track by 2 drag lifts. The ski center has equipment rental, paid parking and a cafe-bar.

The proximity of Angarsk to Irkutsk allows tourists to go on excursions around Lake Baikal and its sights.

Irkutsk, Russia