Prague – the Capital of Czech Republic

By | January 9, 2022

The capital of the Czech Republic has many interesting ones Attractions to offer.

There are some interesting parks to admire in Prague.Worth seeing is definitely the Hradschin, a green area directly around Prague Castle. The royal gardens as well as the palace gardens are definitely worth a walk.

According to smber, the baroque terrace garden Vtraba-Garten is also not without. There are some interesting sculptures to visit. The forest stone garden is something special. This is a maze of hedges, gravel paths and flower beds. There is even a riding hall here, as well as an artificial grotto. Even some fountains and bronze statues from Greek mythology.

Other Prague parks are the old Jewish cemetery and Stromovkapark.

You should also have seen the Altstädterring. It has been the center of the city for more than a thousand years and covers an area of ​​9,000 square meters. In the Middle Ages it was also the venue for tournaments or events were held here.

Wenceslas Square is 680 meters long and sixty meters wide. Here you will find the shopping mile of Prague. But there are not only department stores, hotels and cafes here, the National Museum is also located here.

The Charles Bridge is the symbol of the city. The bridge is 520 meters long and ten meters wide. The bridge is one of sixteen that cross the Vltava. On the edges of the Charles Bridge there are thirty precious statues of saints, which gave the bridge a special charm and also made it famous. There are impressive towers at both ends of the bridge.

In no case should you miss the golden alley.

One of the interesting buildings in Prague is the Old Town Hall. Today the tourist information center is located here. The highlight of the town hall is the astronomical clock.

The Neustadt town hall is more than four hundred years old. So it was the administrative center for Neustadt for just these four hundred years. Later it served as a prison, courthouse and registry office.

The city’s most famous Art Nouveau building is the town hall. It was built between 1905 and 1911 by the architects Oswald Polivka and Antonin Balsanek. The exhibition and event rooms inside the building, which are decorated with stucco and mosaics, are particularly impressive.

The Carolinum dates from the fourteenth century and is now home to Charles University.

As in many other cities, Prague has a long list of different museums, e. For example, the Prague Castle Picture Gallery, the Jewish Museum, the Kampa Museum, etc.

Art and culture are not neglected in Prague either. There are a number of opera houses and theaters in the city, e. B. Bertramka, Kalich Theater, Rudolfinum, Divadio Ponec etc.

Prague also has some old sacred buildings. So you shouldn’t miss the Old New Synagogue. The synagogue is the oldest Jewish place of worship still in use in the Czech Republic. The synagogue is still in its original state today.

The Bethlehem Chapel was built by the Prague patricians in 1391. It was the center of the movement for the reformers. Since Jan Hus died at the stake, the church has even been considered a national shrine.

Other sacred buildings in Prague are the Klementinum, Loreto, St. Nicholas Church, St. Vitus Cathedral and the Strahov Monastery.

Other historical buildings in the city include the Old Royal Palace, Prague Castle, Powder Tower, Troy Castle and the Dancing House.

For tourists who are on vacation in Prague with their children, the Prague Zoo is an absolute must. The zoo is open all year round and has an impressive fauna.

Prague - the Capital of Czech Republic