Sheffield Hallam University Review

By | June 19, 2021

After finishing my Bachelor in Germany, my plan was to do my Masters in Sport Management in the UK. Three suitable UK universities could be found through MicroEDU. Due to the good reputation and the practical structure of the MSc Sport Business Management there, as well as the possibility of starting my master’s degree in January, I decided to go to Sheffield Hallam University or SHU according to iamaccepted. The decision was definitely worth it! I completed a master’s degree there within a year, including a so-called work-based learning project at the Sheffield Wednesday FC football club and by the way had a great time and made many friends for life.

Application process

The application process is certainly more complex than in Germany, so it was very helpful for me to be able to rely on the support of MicroEDU. This way you don’t lose track of the many documents that are required, you get great advice on decision-making and you don’t have to worry about contacting the universities. The IELTS testis quite feasible with good English skills and targeted preparation. There are online materials for this that prepare adequately and that do not require a fee. It is important to make an effort with the letter of motivation and to receive two letters of recommendation, if possible from the university. Then it is possible to get acceptance from British universities even without an above-average Bachelor’s degree.


Arrived in Sheffield, I moved into a college dorm (Liberty Hall) about a week and a half before the start of my studies. I can definitely recommend this, as you usually get together with students who are also just starting out. In my case, the best friends I made in Sheffield have been my roommates. My student flat share was very mixed. Besides me there were an Englishman, an Irishman and a Frenchman. The apartments were furnished in a somewhat Spartan fashion, but the dormitory staff were very friendly and the location was ideal. In the week before the course starts, there is an induction week. I can only recommend taking part, because here you are prepared for everyday university life and get to know your fellow students and other international students.

The study itself was very pleasant. Since there are many more teachers per student compared to most German universities, the help you get during your studies is enormous. In addition, in most of the modules we were only 20-25 students, sometimes a little more, sometimes even only 12 students. This enables the professors to respond specifically to all questions. In addition, my master’s degree was very practice-oriented. A consulting project for the English that includes first division soccer team Sheffield United also has this for example. My course was very international. In addition to many Chinese, Indians and of course English, there were also a few other European students. However, the level of the students varies extremely widely. This leads to the fact that one occasionally deals with somewhat mundane topics. Nevertheless, I took an enormous amount of knowledge with me, even though the Master’s only lasted one year, which of course creates a time advantage. In addition, it must be said that Sheffield Hallam University is very modern. The library is open 24/7 and, unlike at my university in Germany, I was always able to get a place.

In addition, there were many additional offers and activities that were offered by the university. Therefore I find studying at Sheffield Hallam University not only very pleasant, but also very instructive.


I really enjoyed life in Sheffield. There are around 70,000 students there and the people are super friendly. In addition to the numerous pubs, the city also has a lot of green areas. There is really no shortage of parks. The Peak District is also very easy to get to by bus or train. The area there is beautiful and is perfect for various day trips. For someone like me, who is very enthusiastic about sports, it was very gratifying that the university with so-called social sports and two fitness studios leaves no shortage of alternatives to exercise. Furthermore, the city of Sheffield has with Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday a first and a second division in football and with Sheffield FC the oldest football club in the world. Sometimes you can get discounted tickets here from the university. The whole thing is rounded off by the annual Varsity. Here the two universities of Sheffield Hallam University and University of Sheffield compete against each other in several sporting competitions. Even if you are not a sports fan, at the latest during the final ice hockey game in front of around 10,000 spectators and even more in the pubs after the game, most of the students are still thrilled.

Sheffield Hallam University Review