Sousse, Tunisia

By | November 27, 2022

The “Pearl of the Coast” Sousse is the most popular, noisy and youthful resort in Tunisia. There are a lot of hotels here – from city “kopeck pieces” at a price lower than there is no more luxurious “fives” with modern thalassotherapy centers. From entertainment – daring discos, a colorful port of pleasure boats, golf courses and ranches. The local “excursion” is impressive: a lot of medieval monuments in the city and a whole bunch of Attractions with a capital letter in the vicinity. The city itself is divided into three parts: historical – medieval medina, the central part with residential buildings and the north, where the tourist zone is located. And about 10 km north of Sousse is the resort suburb of Port El Kantaoui. Check ehangzhou for other cities and countries as well as overview of Africa.

Sousse’s popular Bora-Bora disco is the largest outdoor disco in all of Africa.

How to get to Sousse

Sousse is 20 km from the airport in Monastir, 30 km from the airport of Enfidha and 140 km from the airport in Tunisia. You can get from the airports to the resort by minibus-luage, intercity bus or train.

Between Sousse and Port El Kantaoui run “tourist trains” (fare 3-5 TND, depending on the distance), taxis (4-8 TND) and scooters with a covered passenger compartment for 6 seats “tuk-tuk” (4 -6 TND depending on distance).


Thalassotherapy centers operate at Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa 4* Port El Kantaoui, Abou Nawas Bou Jaafar 4*, Thalassa Sousse 4*, El Mouradi Palace 5*, Tour Khalef 4*, Karthago El Ksar 4*, RIU Bellevue Park 4* and RIU Imperial Marhaba 5*.

Despite the fact that Hammamet firmly holds the palm in the segment of procedures with sea water, the thalasso in Sousse is no worse. It’s just that the resort has a different emphasis – on mass recreation in the midst of entertainment.

5 things to do in Sousse

  1. Dance until you drop at the Bora-Bora disco.
  2. Stock up on souvenirs at the Soula Center tourist supermarket.
  3. Climb the Khalifa Tower and view the medina from a bird’s eye view.
  4. Walk along the bustling Boujaafar promenade on a fine summer evening.
  5. See how wealthy Tunisian families lived in the Dar Essid house-museum.

Sousse Hotels

There are no decent quality hotels in the city, besides, it is very noisy and the sea is not the cleanest, but there are many entertainments within walking distance. Worthy “fours” and “fives” cluster closer to Port el Kantaoui, and the surrounding landscape is more colorful there. The most expensive and respectable is the “four” Hasdrubal Thalassa in Port El Kantaoui.

In addition, El Mouradi Palm Marina 5 * with the UALL system, Thalassa Sousse 4 * (a rich selection of seafood), Riu Green Parc 4 *, and other fours are considered worthy: Tej Marhaba, Riu Bellevue Park.

Among the hotels with three stars on the facade, we can recommend Marhaba, Marabout, Golf Residence and Royal Beach. There are comfortable, renovated rooms, good cuisine and animation, in addition, they are on the first line and boast a large territory, one or more pools.

The beaches of Port El Kantaoui are considered among the best in Tunisia and are inferior in quality of sand only to the coast of Mahdia.

Shopping and shops Sousse

An abundance of souvenirs and other local products await tourists in the four-story Soula Center supermarket, located at the entrance to the medina from the Caliph’s Tower. A lot of interesting things are sold at the colorful market in the old town – however, shopkeepers offer their goods in a very intrusive way. In addition, each hotel will probably have a gift shop waiting for you.

The medina of Sousse is surrounded by a well-preserved fortress wall, and on its territory there are ancient mosques, towers, a market and catacombs.

  • Sousse Map

Cuisine and restaurants

Good restaurants in Sousse are fish Le Pacha, Lido and Mediterrannee, as well as establishments with national Tunisian cuisine La Сaprise, Les Emirs. Italian cuisine can be tasted at La Scoperta. The cost of a lunch-dinner with wine for two is 70-100 TND.

You can just sit down to drink coffee or smoke a hookah in one of the Arab cafes that Port El Kantaoui is full of. One of the most popular is the bar-restaurant with its own brewery Golf Brau.

Entertainment and attractions of Sousse

Medina Sousse is surrounded by a well-preserved fortress wall, and on its territory there are ancient mosques, towers, a market and catacombs with burials of the early Christian era. In the medieval fortress of Ribat you can see the Khalifa Tower, and in the city museum of Sousse, which is in the old castle, you can see the collections of masks, statues and mosaics. Also of interest are the Museum of Archeology and the botanical garden Oasis Park El Kantaoui.

Other attractions: The old city with an abundance of souvenir shops, the catacombs of the Good Shepherd with early Christian burials in the upper part of the medina, Dar Essid – a traditional house of a wealthy Tunisian family turned into a museum, a Catholic church near the central station.

The nightlife of Sousse is diverse: there is a bowling alley, a golf club, the Hergla Park entertainment complex with karting and an amusement park (25 km from Sousse in the town of Hergla). Little tourists will be interested in visiting the Aqua Palace water park in Port el Kantaoui, the Hannibal Park children’s amusement park and the botanical zoo.

Those with a sweet tooth of all ages will be delighted by the Casa del Gelato “Italian Ice Cream House” not far from the Sheherezade 3 * hotel.

Discos in Sousse

The disco area stretches next door to the Riadh Palms, Marabout and Taj Sultan hotels: Saloon, Living and Bananas, and a little further – Bora-Bora, Africa’s largest outdoor disco. Also popular are: Bonapart, Red Iguana, Orient Palace hotel disco, Maracana disco in the center of the Sousse resort area (next to the Tej Marhaba complex), Samara King disco near the Samara hotel, as well as the Amnesia disco bar in the Rym hotel.

Every year in August Sousse hosts the Aussu summer festival with a carnival procession along the main street, songs and dances.

Sousse, Tunisia