Sports Opportunities in Thailand

By | April 16, 2022

Phuket has four first-class 18-hole golf courses, excellent playing conditions at all courses, reasonable prices, ball hauling and golf equipment rentals.

Horse Riding
There are three horse riding clubs on the island: one is on Patak Street, on the way to Hat Kata Beach, the second is Ban Sai Yuan, on the way to Hat Nai Khan Beach, and the third is Phuket Lagoon near Bang Thao.
and Hat Kata, small boats are popular. Toppers and motorboats are offered for rent on Hat Patong Beach, and catamarans, hobicats and topcats are offered on Hat Kata.
Water skiing
Water skiing can be rented for half an hour, an hour or more. A tow ride is offered by Phuket Watersky Cableway, which is located behind Loh Palm Golf Club in Kathu.
Boats leave early in the morning daily and return in the evening, cruising around small islands with stops for diving.
You can swim on the island all year round, the conditions for this on most of the local beaches are just great. However, there are undercurrents in the sea, which are especially dangerous during the rainy season. Before entering the water, it is better to ask the locals if it is possible to swim here.
This sport can be practiced in most of the bays of Phuket Island, with Hat Patong, Hat Kata and Hat Karon beaches being closer than others. Fins, masks and snorkels are available for rent for a day at numerous establishments throughout the island.
Scuba diving
Boats equipped for scuba diving regularly
This sport can be practiced on all the beaches of the island. Boards can be taken. Experienced trainers also offer their services.
Among the tourists, especially on the beaches of Hat Naihan, Hat Patong
leave Phuket. Cruise for one or more days to neighboring islands or further, to the islands of the Phi Phi archipelago, Krabi island, which is located two hours east of Phuket, the Similan archipelago, located 110 km northwest of Phang-nga. Establishments that provide scuba diving equipment for rent and services of qualified instructors, both Thai and foreign, are concentrated mainly in the areas of Hat Patong, Hat Kata and Hat Chalong.
This type of ecological tourism has become especially popular in recent years. Various travel companies offer services for organizing day trips and multi-day trips with overnight stays in tents, mainly in the Phang-nga area. Additional information can be obtained from the office of the Committee of Tourism of Thailand.
Yachts for rent
You can rent a yacht or take a sailing course.

Diving in Thailand

According to ebizdir, Thailand has more than a hundred dive sites to offer diving enthusiasts, and beginners can even get lost in such a variety. An important reference point can be the time of year: where it is good in April, it may not be interesting at all or even dangerous in July. Let’s name a few places that are of interest in the period from March to August.

In April-May, you can catch the diving season in the Similan Islands. Whale sharks, reef sharks, barracudas, octopuses, clown fish… The variety of marine life here is incredibly high. Even just snorkeling here will be interesting. Koh Tao is a great place for those who have just started diving or just graduated. You can dive here all year round, and although the variety of local underwater life is not so great, you can admire sharks here (even whales occasionally swim here). In Pattaya you can dive all year round. Unfortunately, the local corals are mostly destroyed and at the moment there are only two places left in the vicinity that are truly worthy of the attention of divers, but for those

The months from April to October are ideal for surfing. Weather conditions that make diving dangerous are a surfer’s dream. The best place to catch a wave is Phuket. Going to Thailand, seasoned fans of this sport should definitely grab a short board. For beginners, it is best to choose the beaches of Kata Yai and Nai Harn, and for masters – a direct path to Kalim Beach – this is where you should go when all other places are closed. Suitable waves can be found on the beaches of Rayong and Trat.

And finally, for those who prefer to stay on the surface and contemplate the life of the inhabitants of the sea, Thailand can offer excellent places for snorkeling. In Phuket, you can swim all year round, interesting corals are located on the beaches of Kata (Kata Beach), Karon (Karon Beach) and Patong (Patong Beach). But the real paradise for snorkellers – the waters off Phi Phi Island – here you can find a huge number of tropical fish, and the sea remains calm all year round.

Diving in Thailand