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By | May 10, 2021

Why do wars arise? What is the position of the FRG in international politics? What distinguishes a functioning state? Political science is the right place for anyone interested in such questions. However, the course does not train you to become a politician. Rather, it is about scientifically investigating political ideas, decisions and institutions . Political scientists use methods from empirical social research to measure factors such as voter behavior or political attitudes . For example, they conduct surveys that they evaluate with the help of special statistical software.

Political Science major

Political science studies belong to the field of social sciences. In order to grasp political theories and processes in their entirety, the students deal with content from other subjects. These include, for example, the social or economic sciences .

Bachelor Political Science

According to iamaccepted, the political science bachelor’s degree at most universities is divided into four sub-areas :

  • Political theory
  • Political Systems
  • International Relations
  • Comparative Politics

The students deal intensively with the political system of the Federal Republic of Germany. They analyze the programs of the various parties and the processes of political decision-making. In addition, they deal with the philosophical foundations of various designs of state and society and examine how international organizations operate.

Statistics is also a compulsory subject . Here, the students are taught various quantitative and qualitative methods to scientifically substantiate certain assumptions on political issues. Depending on the university, the students also choose modules from other subject areas , such as communication studies , history or sociology .

Master in Political Science

As a rule, a bachelor’s degree is not sufficient for management positions. Even those studying for a teaching position still have to add the Master of Education in order to be able to teach at the school later. The majority of all students therefore stay at the university after completing their bachelor’s degree in order to obtain a master’s degree.

In the master’s programs there is the possibility of specializing in a sub-area from the field of political science. Degree programs that deal more closely with the topic of international relations are particularly popular . Specializations in other areas, such as empirical political and social research or German politics, are also conceivable.

Studying political science: requirements

Almost all universities in Germany offer political science courses. Prospective students should have a keen interest in daily political and social events . Interest in social and economic contexts is also desirable. Analytical thinking skills and a good command of English are also helpful for the course. The master’s programs in particular are often internationally oriented and some of the lessons are held in English.

Occupational fields

Almost a third of political scientists studying on teaching and went to the master’s degree in legal training and the teaching profession. A wide variety of professional fields are open to everyone else. Since the subject does not provide training for a specific profession, it is not uncommon for the practical experience you gain during your studies to determine your further career path. Jobs can be found, for example, in ministries , political parties or in administration .

Political scientists exercise advisory functions or are employed as research assistants for members of parliament . A career as a diplomat at the Federal Foreign Office is also in great demand , but the selection process there is extremely tough. Other popular employers are international organizations and NGOs.

Apart from the political field, political scientists can also be found in the private sector . There they work, for example, in agencies and companies in the area of press and public relations . You will also find areas of activity in consulting companies or in the media industry . Master’s graduates can also pursue an academic career at the university.

Precisely because the study of political science is rather broad in terms of content, commitment and initiative are required when choosing a career . Student internships and part-time jobs can provide information about one’s own interests and skills and offer the opportunity to gain practical experience.

Advantages of a semester abroad for political scientists

A good opportunity to improve your career opportunities as a political scientist is to study abroad. During one or more semesters in another country, you have the opportunity to get to know a different political system live . You not only refine your scientific profile or your language skills, but also acquire important soft skills . You will learn to work in international teams and to make contacts across cultural differences . Experience abroad also shows the employer that you are flexible and that you can organize yourself well.

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