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By | May 12, 2021

The toaster in retro look, the sporty convertible or the shopping bag with the trendy logo on the front. When we buy something, we don’t just let ourselves be guided by whether something is functional. On the contrary: the eye also buys. If in doubt, we would rather opt for the radio in the 50s design, which goes so well with the home furnishings, than for an equivalent, simple model that may even be cheaper.

According to liuxers, product designers are responsible for the almost endless selection of colors and shapes. They ensure that household appliances, furniture, cars and technical products not only serve their purpose, but also look good at the same time. Product designers usually work closely with engineers and marketing experts and must always keep factors such as cost-effectiveness and sustainability in mind when creating their designs.

The subject of product design

It is possible to study product design at:

  • Universities
  • Universities of applied sciences
  • Art schools

Bachelor degree

In the bachelor’s degree, students are first introduced to the basics of design and creation . For example, they learn how to visualize their ideas with the help of special computer programs. You will also learn how to handle different materials such as wood or metal. In subjects such as design history, engineering or economics , students acquire the theoretical knowledge that is necessary for product design. In the higher semesters, practice comes more and more to the fore. The students spend a large part of their time working on their own projects . Depending on the university, they can have different focuses rely on, for example, furniture design, industrial design or textile design. At the end of their studies, students complete a practical thesis, which they explain in a theoretical concept.

Master’s degree

Those who want to continue their education after completing their bachelor’s degree can add a master’s degree in product design. The master’s courses are mostly very specialized . You can choose from focal points such as interaction design , sustainable production or packaging design. In addition to the creative work, emphasis is also placed on content such as management and economics in the master’s degree programs .

Studying product design: requirements

The prerequisite for admission to the bachelor’s degree is the Abitur or advanced technical college entrance qualification . In order to determine the artistic talent of the applicants, most universities require portfolios with their own work and conduct aptitude tests . In the case of applicants who are certified as having outstanding artistic talent, it is possible to refrain from obtaining a high school diploma or a technical college certificate.

In addition to artistic talent and a large portion of creativity, aspiring product designers must also have a certain technical understanding . When designing a product, its technical functionality must also be understood and taken into account. That is why subjects such as math and physics are important in the course of study. Even IT skills are useful because of the design of products is now mainly on the computer.

Occupational fields

Product design graduates generally have good career prospects , as they are needed in all industries. Depending on the focus of their studies, they can work in the furniture industry, in mechanical engineering companies or in the textile processing industry, among other things. It is also possible to work in independent design offices. Many graduates set up their own design office after a few years of professional experience.

What are the advantages of studying abroad?

Functional Danish furniture or extravagant Italian design: students who want to broaden their horizons and find inspiration should consider a semester abroad. Depending on the focus of the foreign university, you will gain insights into other design styles and working methods. This gives them the opportunity to expand their artistic repertoire and sharpen their academic profile . In addition, a stay abroad during your studies is a unique opportunity to make international contacts and improve your foreign language skills.

Study Product Design