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By | May 14, 2021

Anyone who has ever had to plan and implement a larger project knows the danger of getting bogged down. Confusing to-do lists, tightly calculated schedules, communication problems with contributors or exceeding the budget are common problems. It is of fundamental importance for managers and the self-employed to avoid such mistakes. Ultimately, the well-being of the entire company can depend on the success or failure of a project.

The project management degree

According to toppharmacyschools, academic knowledge on the subject of project management is imparted to you in most business administration courses . You can also take courses on this topic in other courses of study, such as engineering or communication sciences or computer science . There are independent project management courses mainly in the master’s area .

Especially those who are already working, the offer of some universities and colleges, project management use part-time or distance learning study. Some universities offer further training courses with different orientations in this area.

Degree programs in project management

How do I create well-thought-out project plans? How can I optimally use the resources of the employees? In the master’s programs, students acquire all the knowledge they need to plan and manage a project professionally. The focus is on content from business administration and specialist knowledge from the field of management . Subjects such as quality management, marketing , cost calculation and conflict management are on the timetable . Depending on the subject-specific orientation of the university, the students choose a focus in the second half of their studies. They specialize, for example, in the management of logistics or IT projects.

Requirement for the master’s degree in project management

The requirements for admission to a master’s degree in project management vary, as they depend on the focus of the degree program. Most master’s programs are aimed at graduates with a bachelor’s degree in business administration or engineering . The universities check on a case-by-case basis whether it is also possible for graduates from other departments to participate. Some universities require a few years of professional experience in addition to a bachelor’s degree.

Prospective students should in any case be interested in economic issues. In later professional life, qualities such as communication skills, teamwork and organizational skills are also required. A good command of English should also be a matter of course for prospective project managers. This already applies to the course: especially in the internationally oriented courses, lessons are often in English.

Professional fields for project managers

The need for professionally trained project managers is high in all industries. Depending on their respective specialist knowledge , they work in a wide variety of companies. For example, you work in IT companies or construction companies or you work in event agencies. Banks and other financial service providers as well as cities and municipalities also need well-trained specialists for their project planning.

The tasks include, for example, the preliminary planning of a project, supervising the team, monitoring progress, marketing or documentation. In large projects, in particular, there are often several project managers who share the various areas of responsibility. But not all graduates work as employees. Some use the knowledge acquired during their studies to successfully implement projects in their own company . In addition, masters graduates can pursue a doctorate and pursue an academic career.

Semester abroad: advantages for project managers

Well-trained project managers are also in great demand abroad. In large domestic companies, they are also often responsible for leading international projects . Anyone who spends time abroad during their studies will be optimally prepared for a job in a foreign or internationally oriented company.

On the one hand, you will expand and perfect your language skills. On the other hand, you will acquire intercultural skills that are indispensable in project management . A stay abroad during your studies also signals a high level of commitment to future employers and conveys soft skills such as assertiveness, organizational and communication skills.

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