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Brock University Review

Preparations I came up with the idea of ​​doing a semester abroad in March 2011 when I noticed that my 5th semester was not so packed and that with a bit of shifting modules, a semester abroad would be possible without “losing” a semester. I chose Canada because I wanted to go to an English-speaking… Read More »

Saint Mary’s University Review

Preparations The decision to spend a semester abroad was clear to me from the start of my studies. However, my original plan was to do this in Spain via the ERASMUS program. Since my language level was unfortunately not sufficient for this, it was important to find an alternative as soon as possible. Since my… Read More »

Thompson Rivers University Review

Studies Studying in Canada was comparable to studying in the Netherlands; the course content is very practical, a lot is done in team and project work and the courses are quite small, ie between 10 and 40 people per course. The relationship with the lecturers is therefore very personal; the lecturers take care of each… Read More »

Vancouver Island University Review

Academic information My host university was the Vancouver Island University (VIU) in Nanaimo, at which around 15,000 students, mostly at bachelor level, study. The Master in Business Administration is then the only course at Master’s level in which an international exchange student can enroll for a single semester. The main campus of the VIU is… Read More »

Saint Mary’s University Student Review

At that time I chose Saint Mary’s University because the registration system was simple and straightforward and you didn’t have to submit anything other than a transcript of records (no Toefl test and no letter of motivation). I got an acceptance very early and all important documents were sent to me by the university. All… Read More »

Study in Canada

With its huge area, Canada is the world’s second largest country (after Russia). However, 90% of the population lives within a belt of up to 160 kilometers from the southern border, namely the border with the United States. Canada stretches far into the Arctic, where winters are long, dark and harsh, and it only gets… Read More »