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Cuba Early History

First settlers and arrival of Columbus The presence of man in Cuba dates back to approximately 6,000 BC, when Paleolithic hunters moved from to the mouth of the Mississippi and through Florida and also using the Bahamas route, they arrived in Cuba after the giant sloth. (Megalocnus rodens). [3] Later, four other migrations were carried out, the last being in… Read More »

Cuba Economic and Social Development

Mineral resources The Cuban territory has important solid mineral resources. In relation to the diversity and magnitude of the reserves, the metallic mineral deposits include iron, nickel and cobalt bearing laterites, as well as some gold and polymetal deposits. In the past, iron, manganese, chromium, zinc and silver were exploited, among others; But at this time, existing reserves are generally of limited economic importance. Regarding industrial or non-metallic minerals, deposits of about 65… Read More »

Cuba Politics and Government

In the Republic of Cuba, sovereignty resides in the people, from whom all the power of the State emanates. This power is exercised directly or through the Assemblies of People’s Power and other organs of the State derived from them, in the manner and according to the norms established by the Constitution and the laws.… Read More »

Cuba Brief History

When Columbus landed in Cuba in 1492, Arawak (or Taino) Indians inhabited the island. Most died of diseases brought in by sailors and settlers. From 1511 the Spaniards founded settlements under Diego Velázquez. Havana’s port has become an important port of call for journeys to and from Spain. In the early 1800s, according to A2zdirectory,… Read More »

World Heritages in Cuba

Old Havana (World Heritage) According to best-medical-schools, the old town of Havana has been able to retain its colonial charm for a long time, although many buildings are now in danger due to lack of restoration. The city, founded by the Spaniards at the beginning of the 16th century, was expanded and fortified as a… Read More »