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Italy Vocational Education

The organization of vocational schools lacks tradition because these schools are of recent date; it lacks uniformity because they have to adapt to the extremely variable conditions and needs of individual places, and lacks stability because of the incessant technical progress, especially in the field of industry and agriculture. So it is that to these schools, to… Read More »

Italian-Albanian Church

Military The total strength of the professional army (2005; abolition of compulsory military service) is 184,500 men, that of the reservists 42,100 men. The army (107,500 soldiers) is divided into a mountain fighter division, an air brigade, a command for electronic warfare and telecommunications as well as an artillery, engineer, air defense and logistics command… Read More »

Palermo, Italy Cityscape and History

Palermo, capital of the autonomous region of Sicily and the Città metropolitana Palermo, Italy, at the foot of Monte Pellegrino, between the Gulf of Palermo and Conca d’Oro, (2019) 663 400 residents. Archbishopric; University (founded in 1805), technical college for technology, music and art academy, seminary, numerous scientific institutes, libraries, museums (archaeological, geological, ethnological; international… Read More »

Turin, Italy Cityscape and History

Turin, Italian Torino, capital of the Città metropolitana Turin and the Piedmont region, Italy, 239 m above sea level, at the confluence of the Dora Riparia in the Po, (2019) 875 700 residents. Fourth largest city and second largest industrial and commercial center in Italy after Milan; Archbishopric; University (founded in 1404), polytechnic university, academy… Read More »

Sicily and Naples, Italy

Sicily Sicily (Italian Sicilia), largest island in Italy and the Mediterranean, with 25 426 km2 and 5.02 million residents (2017); The capital is Palermo. According to smber, Sicily lies south of the Italian peninsula, from which it is separated by the Strait of Messina; the highest mountain is Mount Etna (3 295 m). Wine, olives,… Read More »

Rome, Italy Cityscape Part II

Renaissance: After the destruction of the medieval papal palace on the Lateran (1308), the permanent residence of the popes who returned in 1378 was moved to the Vatican. Nicholas V (1447–55) decided to renovate St. Peter’s Church in Constantine, which was threatened with collapse, and to expand the Vatican. According to ehotelat, the city was… Read More »

Rome, Italy Cityscape Part I

The ancient city can still be found today in great Roman monuments and archaeological ruins, some of which are large, but also in the course of the streets and in squares. The valley between the Palatine Hill, the Capitol, the Quirinal and the Esquiline, where in the 9th and 8th centuries BC An Iron Age… Read More »

Rome, Italy Overview

Rome, Italian Roma, capital of Italy, in the Lazio region, on the lower reaches of the Tiber, (2019) 2.85 million residents. According to smber, Rome is the political and cultural center of Italy, and at the same time as the seat of the Pope in Vatican City, it is also the center of the Catholic… Read More »