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Philippines Economy

Economy Industry According to ebizdir, in a regional comparison, the Philippines only made the transition from import-substituting to export-oriented industrialization with some delay. The export of industrial products is mainly driven by the electronics and semiconductor industries. However, these are mainly outsourced, labor-intensive manufacturing steps by foreign companies. State-supervised export production zones, usually supported by… Read More »

Cities in Philippines

Cagayan de Oro Cagayan de Oro, port city on the north coast of Mindanao, Philippines, (2015) 676,000 residents (in the metropolitan area 716,100 residents). Archbishopric; University; Center of copra cultivation, extensive industrial facilities under construction; international Airport. Angeles Angeles [ a ŋ xeles, Spanish], city in the rice plains of Central Luzon, Philippines, 90 km… Read More »

Mindanao, Philippines

Mindanao, southernmost, with 94 630 km 2 the second largest island of the Philippines, (2015) 24.1 million residents. National nature: Mindanao has predominantly highland and mountain character; more extensive plains are only the Agusantal in the northeast and the plain of Cotabato in the west. With the exception of the Davao area, the coastlines are… Read More »

Luzon, Philippines

Luzon [lu s ɔ n, Spanish lu.theta ɔ n], largest, most populous and most economically important island in the Philippines. With 104 688 km 2, Luzon comprises 35% of the Philippine land area and with around 57.5 million residents, more than half of the total population. National nature: From northwest to southeast Luzon extends over… Read More »

Philippines vs Thailand vs Malaysia

Philippines The Philippines is an archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean and consists of a total of 7107 islands. About 880 of these islands are inhabited, with only 11 islands having an area larger than 2500 km². More than 6000 Philippine islands are even smaller than 1 km². The Philippine archipelago is divided into 3… Read More »