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Famous Mountains in Serbia

Kopaonik mountains According to 800zipcodes, Kopaonik is the largest mountain range in Serbia, stretching for 75 km from the northwest to the southeast of the country. Kopaonik, also known as the “Silver Mountains” or “Lights of Serbia”, has been the leader of Serbia’s winter tourist offer for many years, and the developed infrastructure of hotels,… Read More »

The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Part II

The government and the president of Montenegro rejected the election result as invalid and initially refused to recognize Koštunica as the legitimate president of Yugoslavia. After lengthy preliminary talks, however, on November 4, the new cabinet formed by Koštunica after the resignation of Prime Minister Momir Bulatović (SPS; October 10) under Prime Minister Zoran Žižić… Read More »

The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Part I

After the collapse of Yugoslavia, which was established under socialist auspices in 1945/46, Serbia and Montenegro agreed on February 12, 1992 in the Titograd Agreement (now Podgorica) to form a new Yugoslav state (approved by the parliaments of both republics on February 22, 1992; confirmed in a referendum on March 1, 1992 in Montenegro). With… Read More »

Serbia Brief History

The first ethnically identifiable residents were Illyrian, Thracian and Celtic tribes. In the 3rd century BC Chr. The Romans began from the coast submission of the later province of Dalmatia (Dalmatia) and Moesia superior (Moesia). In the 7th century AD, the South Slav Serbs immigrated from the north-east, who were under Bulgarian or Byzantine rule… Read More »