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Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona Review

Planning I made my final decision to do a semester abroad in May 2012 – too late to apply for a semester abroad through my university’s international office. A friend who had already done a semester abroad in the USA in the previous semester recommended MicroEDU to me. After reading through the agency’s partner universities… Read More »

Study in Nebrija Universidad

Bienvenido a Madrid! I am studying in the 5th semester economics. During my studies in Germany, I was able to take advantage of subject-specific foreign language training in English and Spanish. After I was able to complete my first semester abroad in the United States, I decided to start another semester abroad towards the end… Read More »

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Review

I did my semester abroad in Barcelona in the spring (mid-January to the end of April) 2012, and I would do it again at any time, but probably not at UAB. Flat In order to start as stress-free as possible, I organized an apartment from home. I was surprised how easy it was: on sites… Read More »

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Student Review

Right from the start of my studies, it was clear to me that I definitely wanted to go abroad for a semester. You always hear these great stories from people who have already dared. And finally at the end of August the time had come for me too! Barcelona, ​​I’m coming! Organization: Since we unfortunately… Read More »