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Stockholm, Sweden

According to Best-medical-schools, Stockholm – the capital of Sweden, surprisingly picturesque “northern beauty” city. Like any European capital, in addition to many attractions and worthy museums, it boasts an abundance of cafes with amazingly delicious dishes, Swedish designer shops, as well as a variety of hotels and a rich nightlife. The city arose more than… Read More »

Economics and Education in Sweden

Like Denmark, all full-time higher education is free in Sweden. All students at the higher education institutions in Sweden must be members of a student organization (Student Union). It costs between 50 and 350 Swedish kroner and provides, among other things, the opportunity to get help finding a home and to get a discount on… Read More »

Sweden Higher Education

According to COUNTRYAAH, Sweden is the fifth largest country in Europe and stretches 1,600 km from north to south. The country is divided into 21 counties, which correspond to the old counties in Denmark. Sweden is one of the world’s most equal countries in terms of income distribution and has one of the world’s lowest… Read More »

Vocational Training in Sweden

Sweden is not many kilometers from Denmark, but still offers completely different experiences and opportunities for jobs and education. You can take both your youth education or a higher education in Sweden. The Swedish business sector is particularly strong in knowledge-heavy industries such as information and communication technology and biomedicine. The level of education is… Read More »