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Cities of Thailand

The capital of Thailand – Bangkok – the largest city in Southeast Asia. In Thai, the city has a long name which means Palace for the Gods, Built by the Gods in Paradise, or the City of Angels. Bangkok is located on the banks of the large Chao Phraya River, a few kilometers from the… Read More »

Sports Opportunities in Thailand

Golf Phuket has four first-class 18-hole golf courses, excellent playing conditions at all courses, reasonable prices, ball hauling and golf equipment rentals. Horse Riding There are three horse riding clubs on the island: one is on Patak Street, on the way to Hat Kata Beach, the second is Ban Sai Yuan, on the way to… Read More »

Philippines vs Thailand vs Malaysia

Philippines The Philippines is an archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean and consists of a total of 7107 islands. About 880 of these islands are inhabited, with only 11 islands having an area larger than 2500 km². More than 6000 Philippine islands are even smaller than 1 km². The Philippine archipelago is divided into 3… Read More »

Mahidol University Review

Application process The application and enrollment at the university went smoothly. MicroEDU will send you a list of the documents you will need for your application. You will need to collect all of the documents and send them to MicroEDU. MicroEDU will take care of submitting the application documents and communicating with the university for… Read More »