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Abilene, Kansas

According to agooddir, Abilene, Kansas is a small city located in Dickinson County, approximately 100 miles west of the state capital of Topeka. It is located along the Smoky Hill River and is the county seat. Abilene has a population of 6,500 and covers an area of 7.6 square miles. The city was established in… Read More »

Acton, California

According to Agooddir, Acton is a small unincorporated community located in Los Angeles County, California. It is situated in the northern part of the Antelope Valley, between the San Gabriel Mountains and the Sierra Pelona Mountains. The town was founded in 1887 by a group of settlers from Kentucky who were seeking to establish a… Read More »

US 59 and 69 in Kansas

US 59 in Kansas US 59 Get started Chetopa End Atchison Length 208 mi Length 335 km Route Oklahoma Chetopa Oswego Altamont Parsons Moran Garnett Freeway Montana Road Ottawa Stafford Road Baldwin City N 650 Road N 1000 Road Lawrence Oskaloosa Nortonville Atchison Missouri According to indexdotcom, US 59 is a US Highway in the… Read More »

South Carolina Information

After South Carolina seceded from North Carolina in 1729, the colony expanded inland. The settlers from Scotland, Wales and Ireland established small farms inland, while the wealthy upper class settled on the coast. Charleston, the first capital, shows that they had a lot of money: It is considered one of the most magnificent cities in… Read More »

History of Seattle, Washington

Seattle was covered in land ice during the last ice age (~11,000 years ago). The territory of Seattle has been inhabited for at least 4000 years. Before the settlers came to this area, there were Indians living there. The largest tribe was the Duwamish, of which nearly 15 settlements have been found. In some of… Read More »

Chattanooga and Clarksville, Tennessee

Chattanooga (Tennessee) Chattanooga City in the United States Location State Tennessee County Hamilton County Coordinates 35°2’44″W, 85°16’2″WL General Surface 388.70 km² – country 368.68 km² – water 20.02 km² Inhabitants (2018) 180,557 (490 inhabitants/km²) Politics Mayor Tim Kelly (O) Website chattanooga.gov Downtown Chattanooga According to smber, Chattanooga is a city in the American state of… Read More »

Youngstown, Ohio

According to iTypeJob, Youngstown is a small city in the US state of Ohio. The city has a population of 60,000, but has a more extensive urban area of 538,000 residents (2021) that extends into Mahoning County and Trumbull County. Introduction Youngstown is located in eastern Ohio, bordering Pennsylvania. The urban area further consists of… Read More »

Tour Miami, Florida

At the bottom of the Sunshine State of Florida is Miami, the city of golden beaches and colorful buildings. You really enjoy your holiday here! On South Beach and Ocean Drive you come to spot celebrities and expensive cars. In the Art Deco district you only see pastel-colored buildings, with neon lighting at night. You… Read More »

Cities and Airports in California

Ontario According to allpubliclibraries.com, Ontario is a city in the San Bernardino region of the US state of California. The city is located 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. The LA/Ontario International Airport is located within the city limits. When you rent a car from the Ontario airport, you have access to all that… Read More »

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

According to 800zipcodes, Bryce Canyon National Park, located in southwestern Utah, is a somewhat smaller park compared to other national parks in the state. That doesn’t make it any less beautiful though! The park is best known for its ‘hoodoos’; these are columns of lime and sandstone. The impressive and sometimes even bizarre rock formations,… Read More »

Maui, Hawaii

With its beautiful nature and the most beautiful beaches, Maui offers a good variety between action and tranquility. According to 800zipcodes, Maui is Hawaii’s second largest island after Big Island. Because the island consists of two volcanoes and a valley, Maui is also called “The Valley Island”. This beautiful island is definitely worth a visit… Read More »

Wyoming State Overview

Wyoming is one of the federal states in the western United States of America. It borders Montana, Colorado, South Dakota, Nebraska, Utah, and Idaho. The name Wyoming comes from the Dakota word “mscheweamiing” which meant “great plains.” The territory of today’s state was inhabited for thousands of years by numerous Indian tribes of Arapaho and… Read More »

Wisconsin State Overview

In the very north of the United States of America, in the Great Lakes region, lies the federal state of Wisconsin, which covers an area of 169,790 km². Its neighboring states are Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois and Iowa. The natural border is represented by the two Great Lakes – Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. It joined… Read More »

West Virginia State Overview

West Virginia is a federal state located in the eastern part of the United States of America. It borders the states of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky. Until 1861, West Virginia was part of neighboring Virginia, which was named after Queen Elizabeth I of England. On June 20, 1863, West Virginia entered the Union, becoming… Read More »

Washington State Overview

In the northwest of the United States of America lies the federal state of Washington, which was named in honor of the first US president, George Washington, along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The state borders Canada to the north, Oregon to the south, and Idaho to the east. Washington is a country full… Read More »

Virginia State Overview

In the east of the United States of America lies the federal state of Virginia along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It borders the states of West Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina. Virginia entered the Union on June 25, 1788, becoming the 10th member state of the USA. The state… Read More »

Vermont State Overview

The federal state of Vermont covers an area of ​​24,923 km² in the northeast of the United States of America. In the north, it borders the Canadian province of Québec, other neighboring states are New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. It is a smaller state located in the New England region. The name Vermont is… Read More »

Utah State Overview

Located in the interior of the western part of the United States of America is the federal state of Utah, which is relatively sparsely populated. It joined the Union on January 4, 1896, becoming the 45th US state. The name Utah comes from the Ute Indian language and means “people of the mountains”. It borders… Read More »

Texas State Overview

In the south of the United States of America is the federal state of Texas, which is the second largest US state after Alaska. It covers an area of 695,622 km² and has a population of around 22 million. Neighboring states are Ohlahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Mexico. In the south, the coast is… Read More »

Tennessee State Overview

In the interior of the eastern part of the United States of America lies the federal state of Tennessee. It became a part of the USA on May 7, 1861, when it was joined as the 16th state in order. He thus joined other members of the Confederacy whose goal was to preserve slavery. However,… Read More »

South Dakota State Overview

South Dakota is located in the north of the United States of America, to which it was annexed on November 2, 1889. This federal state lies on the middle course of the Missouri River and its name is derived from the word Dakhota, which means “Allies”. The Dakota were a Sioux tribe living in the… Read More »

Rhode Island State Overview

Located on the northeast coast of the United States of America, Rhode Island is one of the smallest states in the USA with an area of 3,144 km². It borders Massachusetts to the north and east, and Connecticut to the west. In the south, the shores are washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.… Read More »

Pennsylvania State Overview

In the northeast of the United States of America, the federal state of Pennsylvania covers an area of 119,283 km2. It borders the states of New York, New Jersey, Ohio, East Virginia, Baltimore and Delaware. In the north, the natural border with Canada is Lake Erie. Pennsylvania was annexed to the USA on December 12,… Read More »

Oregon State Overview

In the northwest of the United States of America lies the federal state of Oregon, which, with an area of 255,026 km², is the ninth largest state in the USA. It is bordered by the states of Washington, California, Nevada and Idaho. Its western coast is washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The… Read More »

Oklahoma State Overview

In the central part of the United States of America lies the federal state of Oklahoma, which was annexed to the Union on November 16, 1907. The name Oklahoma comes from the Choctaw Indian language and translates to “red people” – so it is the land of the red people. However, the name was coined… Read More »

Ohio State Overview

The federal state of Ohio is located in the American Midwest on an area of 116,096 km². It is washed in the north by the waters of Lake Erie, which thus forms a natural border with Canada. Neighboring states are Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, and Kentucky. Ohio got its name from the river of… Read More »

North Dakota State Overview

In the north of the United States of America lies the sparsely populated federal state of North Dakota. It is bordered by Canada to the north, other neighboring states are Minnesota, Montana and South Dakota. As the 39th state of the Union, North Dakota was admitted on November 2, 1889, the same day as South… Read More »

New York State Overview

New York State is one of the 13 original and founding members of the United States of America. It borders Canada, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut. The natural border in the north is also the Great Lakes, especially Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. The coast of New York is washed by the waters… Read More »