Tallahassee and Orlando, Florida

By | September 30, 2021


Orlando. Head of the region known as Central Florida, in the state of Florida, in the southeastern United States. It is the county seat of Orange County and is the central city of the metropolitan area of ​​the same name.


Some historians date the name Orlando to approximately 1836, when a soldier named Orlando Reeves allegedly perished in the area, during the war against the Seminole Indian tribe. However, it appears that Orlando Reeves was working on a plantation about 30 miles to the north and the first settlers found his name carved into a tree and believed it to be the location of a grave. They referred to the area as the “Orlando Tomb” and then simply “Orlando”.


A large part of Orlando’s economy is related to the tourism industry. The domestic and international tourist flow during 2004 was 48 million visitors. The convention industry also plays an important role due to the proximity of attractions. The Orange County Convention Center is one of the largest complexes in the United States. Orlando International Airport is one of the busiest in the world.

In addition to tourism, there are also other industries, with a large presence of manufacturing factories. Lockheed Martin has a great facility for aerospace and high – tech research, because of the closeness of Orlando to the Kennedy Space Center of NASA. The area is also home to many software and hardware firms that have been located here since the 1970s and 1980s, such as IBM. Numerous office complexes for large corporations have developed along the interstate highway corridor north of Orlando.

The tourism

The city is primarily known for its tourist attractions, particularly the Walt Disney World Resort. Other attractions include SeaWorld and the Universal Orlando Resort. Downtown Orlando, better known as Downtown Orlando, has undergone continuous restructuring, despite being far from major tourist attractions. It is home to the Orlando Sentinel, one of the largest newspapers in the state, and the Orlando Magic, a professional NBA basketball team.


According to 800zipcodes, it is the capital of the state of Florida, in the United States. Located in Leon County, in the census of the year 2010 had a population of 181,376 residents and a population density of 676.92 persons per km².


The name “Tallahassee” is a word from the Muskogean Amerindian language that means “old fields,” or “old town.” Most likely it was referring to the Seminole town located near the river where previously members of the Apalachee tribe lived who were engaged in farming with considerable success. In the region the Mission of San Luis de Apalachee was installed, which supplied agricultural products to the Spanish colony of San Agustín. The Mission of San Luis de Apalachee has been rebuilt as part of the historical heritage of the region.

In 1821 Florida was ceded by Spain to the United States and a territorial government was established, but due to the impracticality of alternating the seat of government between Saint Augustine and Pensacola, the two largest cities in the territory, the territorial governor William Pope Duval appointed a commission to establish a more central point for the seat of government. The commission chose the ancient Amerindian settlement of Tallahassee halfway between the two cities, in part because of the beauty of the site and its waterfalls. In 1845, Florida became a state with Tallahassee as the capital.. During the Civil War, Tallahassee was the only state capital that was not taken by Union forces.


Tallahassee is located at coordinates 30 ° 27′18 ″ N 84 ° 15′12 ″ W, in the region known as Florida mango. According to the United States Census Bureau, Tallahassee has a total area of 267.94 km², of which 259.64 km² correspond to land and (3.1%) 8.31 km² is water.


According to the census of the year 2010, there were 181,376 people residing in Tallahassee. The population density was 676.92 residents / km². Of the 181,376 residents, Tallahassee was made up of 57.43% White, 35% were African American, 0.24% were Amerindian, 3.67% were Asian, 0.06% were Pacific Islanders, 1.3% were of other races, and 2.3% belonged to two or more races. Of the total population, 6.26% were Hispanics or Latinos of any race.

Tallahassee and Orlando, Florida