Top 10 Cities Where You Spend the Longest Time in Traffic Jams

You know it: the striker. You come back from work or an occasion and sure enough, again driving slowly to stationary traffic for quite some time. The first traffic jam in the Netherlands was registered at the Oudenrijn junction on May 29, 1955, the first day of Pentecost. We lose a lot of time due to traffic jams, but in which city in the world do you lose the most time due to all these traffic jams? You will find the answer in this list.

10. Lodz (Poland)

With almost 700,000 inhabitants, Łódź is the third largest city in Poland and is located approximately at the geographical center of Poland. This naturally requires a lot of traffic to flow through the city. On average you have to travel 45% longer due to traffic jams. So for a 30-minute ride in Łódź, it will take you 13.5 minutes longer.

9. New Delhi

New Delhi, the capital of India, is known as a chaotic city. The metropolis of Delhi is one of the largest metropolises in the world with over 28 million inhabitants. It will therefore not surprise you that the city is in this list. If you ever need to transport yourself across the city, expect an additional travel time of 48%.

8. Bangalore

We will stay in India for a while and go to the third largest city in that country. Due to overcrowding and many constructions in the city, it also takes you 48% longer to reach your final destination.

7. Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk is also a third largest city, but that of Russia. It is also known as the capital of Siberia. That is precisely why you lose a lot of time in the winter. Due to winter conditions, you extend your travel time here by an average of 48%.

6. Bucharest

Romania’s most important city is in 6th place. When traveling through the city, traffic extends your travel time by 50% on average. However, the mayor of the city is not proud of this and wants to tackle this problem in the long term by constructing cycle paths and improving public transport.

5. Sint-Petersburg


We’re going back to Russia. Saint Petersburg is also called the Venice of the North because of the many bridges. As an important industrial, scientific and cultural center of Russia, a lot of traffic also passes through here. Here too, you multiply your travel time by 50%.

4. Mumbai


The busiest city in Asia is Mumbai. With a population of over 12 million and a population density of 20,694 inhabitants per km2, this is understandable. Every day, some 3 to 4 million vehicles have to drive through the city. Due to a shortage of parking spaces, overcrowding and many constructions, your journey will take an average of 53% longer.

3. Bogota


As the capital of Colombia, Bogotá is one of the highest capitals in the world. However, it is also one of the busiest cities in the world. Due to the poor organization of public transport, a bad geographical location and many inhabitants, you extend your travel time here by 55%.

2. Moscow


Moscow is the capital of Russia and the largest city located entirely in Europe. The city has a road plan consisting of rings, so there are few options for getting from point A to point B. In addition, almost 300,000 new car drivers are added to the big city every year, which the current road plan cannot cope with. As a result, travelers in the city of Moscow have to take 61% longer to travel.

1. Istanbul


As the largest city in Europe, Istanbul is the busiest city in the world with an additional travel time of over 62%. The causes of the many traffic jams in the city are many and include poorly planned roads and transportation systems, traffic accidents, many special events and so on.

Our little country of the Netherlands is not in the top 100 with any city, so if you ever find yourself in a traffic jam on the A2. Always remember that in more than 100 cities it can be much worse.