Tour Miami, Florida

By | December 4, 2022

At the bottom of the Sunshine State of Florida is Miami, the city of golden beaches and colorful buildings. You really enjoy your holiday here! On South Beach and Ocean Drive you come to spot celebrities and expensive cars. In the Art Deco district you only see pastel-colored buildings, with neon lighting at night. You will find something different in Little Havana, a kind of small Cuba with cozy cigar bars and murals. Nature is just around the corner, in the Everglades National Park where you sail between the alligators.

Miami road trip itinerary

A road trip through the Sunshine State of Florida is a great trip! If you make a road trip of 3 weeks, you have enough time to view all the highlights and to relax in between. Read the tips for a tour route Miami here.

Start your Florida tour in Miami, where most flights from the Netherlands land. From there you go to your hotel with a rental car, and you can see Miami in 3 or 4 days. After Miami you can continue to the Keys, the archipelago next to Miami. The route to it is super beautiful, on a highway along all islands. Stay overnight in Key West, or for a cheaper price in Key Largo.

After the Keys you will continue to The Everglades National Park. Here you will find alligators, turtles and leopards. You will spend the night in Everglades City, just before the park. A little rest? You’ll find that in Sarasota. This small cozy town also has a very nice beach. Then you will continue to Tampa, the capital of Florida. You will find theme parks and Florida’s famous manatees.

Then you make a stop in Clearwater, where you will find another beautiful beach, to relax before arriving in Orlando. Orlando is the world capital of theme parks. You will find five Disney parks, two Universal parks and a lot of other cool theme parks!

Vacation Miami

According to agooddir, Miami is perfect for a short break. The weather is always nice and you have fantastic beaches. Great to go in the winter, in January or February 2020 for example. You can also combine it well with a visit to Cuba, Florida or the Bahamas. You can book a cheap return flight from Schiphol for € 300/€ 400. With a rental car you can also go to the Keys and to the Everglades national park. The price of a cheap rental car is around € 30 per day.

Tour America

A tour of the US almost guarantees a fantastic experience. Before you go you need to decide what you want to see and how you will travel. You can put together a tour of America yourself, or opt for an organized tour of America. Then you also have to choose whether you go with a camper, with a bus or with a normal car. Read more on these pages about:

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Miami is located in the south of Florida. Major Florida attractions include Miami, Orlando and the Keys archipelago. But the capital of Florida is the city of Tampa, which is 4 hours away from Miami. Florida is a popular state for a tour, mainly because the weather is always nice. Furthermore, there is of course plenty to visit, you can read all about it here!

Combinatiereis Miami

A tour of Miami can be combined with many other places. Orlando is a frequently used combination, just like the Keys and the rest of Florida. It is also often visited during a tour of East America , so you can visit New York and Miami. Along the way you can also visit Los Angeles, New Orleans and Washington.

But you can also combine it with the Bahamas, where you are within 55 minutes by plane. If you prefer a combination with another country, you can go to Cuba or Curaçao . You can also get there in a few hours by plane!

Vacation Miami