University of California Los Angeles Review

By | October 11, 2021


I am a Münster business administration student and I took part in a Summer Session B at the University of California, Los Angeles in the summer of 2008 from August 4th, 2008 to September 12th, 2008 through MicroEDU. As accommodation, I chose a double room in the dormitory (the so-called Sproul Hall) and enrolled in the Finance and Macroeconomic Theory courses. I was able to successfully complete both courses and then have them credited to my achievements to date at the University of Münster. In the following I would like to describe some experiences from my stay there.

Before arriving in LA, one should be aware that LA is such a large city that its scales cannot be compared to any other city in Germany. You will realize how big it is at the latest when you are on one of the 5 lane highways within the city and drive at almost 110 km / h for almost half an hour from LAX Airport (Inglewood district) to Westwood ( that’s where UCLA is) to come. So if you come to LA you should think about how to get from the airport to UCLA in good time. Those who arrive there on the official first day of the summer session can choose one of the inexpensive shuttles that are used between UCLA and the airport and share it with others. Another option is to take the so-called Fly Awad Shuttle. This is also very cheap and commutes back and forth between Westwood and Air Port but does not stop directly at UCLA. Another option is to take a taxi directly, which can cost 50-60 dollars. I would not recommend a bus. The flat rate in LA only costs – 75 cents (regardless of the distance) but should only be chosen if you are already familiar with LA. In addition, the UCLA campus itself is extremely large and in the end you can only really get to where you want to go by taxi with the UCLA shuttle, namely directly in front of the dormitory! Pick up the Bruin Card (the universal card for paying, opening doors and for identification on campus). Then the study can begin. According to Abbreviation Finder, UCLA is the abbreviation of University of California Los Angeles.


I chose the dormitory option (so-called Sproul Hall, which, by the way, has been recently renovated) with a double room and 15 meals, and I went very well with this decision. The double room is spartan but adequately equipped with a bed, wardrobe and desk for each resident as well as internet and telephone. Internet both in the form of LAN sockets on every desk (buy LAN cable yourself or bring it with you) and WLAN (unencrypted), so that you can skype with home immediately after arrival. Furthermore, everyone has a lockable compartment for valuables, although you have to bring a padlock with you or buy it. Linens are provided by UCLA. The sanitary facilities are cleaned daily and each floor also has a large lounge with sofas and tables where you can relax and study or just sit with friends. There is also a laundry room on each floor in which there are dryers and washing machines and you can wash for $ 1.25.

The 15 meals I booked per week were more than enough, as they are of course American meals and (if you don’t want to gain 30 kg there) you can get by with two meals a day. The buffet on offer is extremely rich, but occasionally leaves something to be desired in terms of variety. The advantage of living in the dormitory is that you are where the majority of the other students are and you can make contacts very quickly! You also get to know other foreign students or Americans much faster here than off campus. If you would like to rent a car during the summer session to explore LA or the surrounding area, you will quickly find like-minded people here. Finally, it is also a great advantage that campus offers can be used more easily and it is not far to the lecture halls, the library, the sports facilities, the cafeteria or the pool. Ultimately, however, the quality of living is also significantly influenced by the roommate. Here you can be lucky or unlucky. In my case, I was very satisfied. During my SummerSession around 70% of the dorm residents were Asian while 30% were European and American. All in all, I felt very comfortable in the room and dormitory and could have stayed longer. During my SummerSession around 70% of the dorm residents were Asian while 30% were European and American. All in all, I felt very comfortable in the room and dormitory and could have stayed longer. During my SummerSession around 70% of the dorm residents were Asian while 30% were European and American. All in all, I felt very comfortable in the room and dormitory and could have stayed longer.


The level of the courses at UCLA is comparatively high compared to other American universities. Basically, this also depends heavily on the chosen course itself.
So if you are preparing for an exam, you should not start the evening before, but several days beforehand. Anyone who has chosen two courses is therefore (as long as he also values ​​leisure time) well utilized, as a lot of material is pulled through in a short time and at high speed. But if you choose three courses you may have to accept a high loss of free time, which can be very painful in the LA and California area in general.
As a rule, you are tested by an exam in the middle or 3 weeks (midterm) and at the end (finals). In particular, the midterm should not be underestimated or neglected because in the case of a 5.0 (F) it is very difficult to pass the course at all. A textbook is generally recommended for the courses, which is then also the subject of the lecture. You shouldn’t buy everything in the local bookstore straight away, as the books are sometimes very expensive (normal prices are $ 150) and can usually also be bought second-hand via Amazon for a fraction of the price. You can then have this sent to your dormitory address and save a lot of money. Most of the time it is enough to buy an older edition of a textbook.


The UCLA campus basically offers the student all possibilities so that there is basically no need to leave it in the 6 weeks. In addition to a large pool (outdoor pool would be better) and sports facilities / courts, there is also the large John Wodden Center in which fitness studios, badminton, basketball or squash courts are available. There are also shops and numerous canteens, snack points or cafes. From UCLA you can walk very quickly to the tranquil Westwood district and you can also spend lovely evenings in Westwood Downtown. In the old 20s cinemas there are also numerous film premieres which are of course also attended by all Hollywood stars. Beach fans also get their money’s worth, of course. From UCLA you can take the bus to Santa Monica in about 25 minutes and lie there on Santa Monica Beach or do a little surfing. The fact that LA has so much to offer in terms of nightlife is also a welcome change after long hours of study.


In summary, I spent a wonderful time at UCLA, which not only helped me a lot with my studies, but was also a great asset for my entire life. I was very satisfied with the care and support from MicroEDU.

University of California Los Angeles Review