US 12 and 136 in Illinois

By | October 27, 2022

US 12 at Illinois

US 12
Get started Richmond
End Chicago
Length 85 mi
Length 137 km




Lake Zurich

Des Plaines





According to a2zdirectory, US 12 is a US Highway in the US state of Illinois. The road runs through the northeast of the state, through the great Chicago metropolitan area, from the Wisconsin border at Richmond to the Indiana border in Chicago itself. The route is 137 kilometers long.

Travel directions

At Richmond, US 12 in Wisconsin enters the state of Illinois from Madison and then continues south in 2×2 lanes. This area is not yet very densely built, with lots of greenery and houses on large pieces of land. Only from Lake Zurich does the road really enter the urban area of ​​Chicago. Passing through the suburb of Palatine, it crosses State Route 53, the highway that leads to Interstate 290 toward downtown Chicago. Then you enter the larger suburb of Arlington Heights. The road continues southeast as Rand Road and passes through Mount Prospect and then into Des Plaines, where US 45 is centered.from the northern suburbs and cross US 14. US 12 and US 45 then proceed straight south as Mannheim Road. One crosses Interstate 90, the road then runs along the east side of the large O’Hare International Airport. Here is a connection with Interstate 190. A little further south in Franklin Park, the road continues under Interstate 294, but there is no direct connection with it. US 12 then has 6 lanes of traffic and passes through an area of ​​older suburbs, the first west of Chicago and consisting mainly of fairly small houses.

In Melrose Park, US 20 merges from Elgin, resulting in triple numbering on Mannheim Road. Shortly afterwards in Hillside one crosses Interstate 290. The name then changes to La Grange Road and the road continues through La Grange, where it crosses US 34. You then pass through the industries along the Des Plaines River, after which a connection with Interstate 55 follows. Shortly thereafter, the road continues under I-294, after which there is almost a direct connection. Not much further into Hickory Hills, US 12 and US 20 turn east and join US 45further south towards Kankakee. Shortly afterwards, one crosses I-294 again, this time with a direct connection. US 12 and US 20 will then be called 95th Street. It passes through expansive suburban areas that include suburbs like Oak Lawn and Evergreen Park, and later the southern neighborhoods of Chicago itself. This is followed by the connection with Interstate 94. The road then continues under the Chicago Skyway (I-90) before the border with Indiana follows. US 12 in Indiana then follows the south shore of Lake Michigan through Gary and toward southern Michigan.


US 12 was created in 1926. The route formed a main road and a kind of bypass of Chicago in Illinois at the time, as highways were not yet built. With the highways being built in the Chicago area in the 1950s and 1960s, US 12 lost its through-importance, and now has mostly local importance in southern Illinois and no more than regional importance in the northwest suburbs. from Chicago.

Traffic intensities

Some 15,800 vehicles cross the Wisconsin border every day, quickly rising to 30,000 as you get deeper into the urban area. 40,000 vehicles run along Lake Zurich, rising to 50,000 in Kildeer. In Des Plaines, 23,000 vehicles and 47,000 vehicles pass through O’Hare Airport. Some 49,000 vehicles drive through Oak Lawn and 25,000 through Chicago’s southern boroughs.

US 136 at Illinois

US 136
Get started Hamilton
End danville
Length 226 mi
Length 364 km




Duncan’s Mills





Le Roy




US 136 is a US Highway in the US state of Illinois. The road forms an east-west route through the center of the state, from the Iowa border at Hamilton to the Indiana border at Danville. The route avoids the large towns and is often tens of kilometers straight. The route is 364 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 136 at Macomb.

Near the town of Hamilton, US 136 in Iowa crosses the Mississippi River from the town of Keokuk and thus enters the state of Illinois. The road then climbs directly out of the Mississippi Valley and enters the flat plains of Illinois. The road then continues to Carthage. US 136 then runs through a flat area intersected by several shallow and wooded river valleys. The height differences are usually less than 10 meters. About 60 kilometers in Illinois you reach the town of Macomb, where you cross the US 67. US 136 then runs a bit to the southeast and crosses US 24. at the hamlet of Duncan Mills. Shortly thereafter, the road crosses the Illinois River, one of the Mississippi’s larger tributaries. US 136 then begins a straight route of 215 kilometers to the east, with the road only jumping twice over that distance. This area consists of the central plains without trees and with farms. At the hamlet of Emden the connection with Interstate 155 follows. About 25 kilometers further on you cross the Interstate 55.

About 15 kilometers further on, at the town of Heyworth one crosses the US 51 at a grade- separated level. Another 25 kilometers further, at Le Roy the connection with Interstate 74 follows. Immediately afterwards follows the intersection with US 150, which runs parallel to it. The road then continues across the plains to Rantoul, 30 kilometers to the east. Here is the connection with Interstate 57. Here again follows an intersection with the parallel US 45. US 136 then continues east for another 30 miles, turning south at Henning, then 20 miles to the town of Danville, the largest town on the route. In Danville, US 136 turns east and runs parallel to theInterstate 74 to the Indiana border . US 136 in Indiana then continues to Indianapolis.


US 136 was created in 1951 and then ran on its current route through Illinois. The road follows a somewhat conspicuous route, as it precisely avoids all of the larger towns in central Illinois, making the road in fact not very important. There are no Interstate Highways built parallel to it, although I-72 travels the same route further south. US 136 does cross quite a few other Interstates.

Traffic intensities

Some 12,700 vehicles cross the Mississippi River at Hamilton each day, dropping to about 3,000 vehicles thereafter. Further east, the road is quieter with 2,000 vehicles per day off I-155. Only 1,200 vehicles drive past I-74, and 5,700 vehicles cross the Indiana border every day.

US 136 at Illinois