Why studying a graduate degree abroad in crisis?

By | August 17, 2020

In these times of pandemic, you might think that pursuing a postgraduate degree or considering studying an MBA is not the best option, since the current economic and health crisis changes your priorities, not necessarily studying. If this is your case, and you are in the dilemma of what professional decision to make, in this article we will develop and expose you the key points by which studying a competitive master’s degree abroad will be of great help for your professional development, and it is a great idea in times of crisis.

It is important to mention that there is a great difference between studying a postgraduate degree in your country of origin to living an international experience in a competitive graduate degree. Now, due to the situation, the costs of this experience, in terms of opportunity costs, are less than the benefits. Applying for and being accepted in recognized postgraduate programs implies a great effort, investment of time and financial resources, and even separation from the family environment. However, the benefits are greater, especially in times of crisis.

Selective postgraduate courses abroad are considered a process of acquiring knowledge, skills, experiences and personal connections, which serve to trace a unique career path, ad hoc to your profile and achieve the professional development you want. This idea is based on the fact that the competitive programs of prestigious universities seek that their students have access to a global perspective that allows them to face the challenges of a changing world.

Why studying a graduate degree abroad in crisis

In addition, studying at top universities around the world allows students to access classes with expert teachers, carry out internships or professional projects in global companies, develop leadership and teamwork skills. In addition, they dominate technological tools for decision making, in an era of Big Data, in a digital context.

In addition to the above, studying a postgraduate degree abroad will benefit you in the following ways:

  • It will contribute to your personal development through greater confidence and knowledge of yourself, which will allow you to establish discipline and organization in all aspects of your life. Unlike your work life, in the MBA tight schedules and deliveries with specific rubrics will lead you to establish best practices in how you manage your activities. In terms of confidence, competitive postgraduate programs are a suitable “laboratory” for developing presentation skills, financial decision-making, and accepting your strengths and areas of opportunity.

These will be excellent differentiators so that once you finish your graduate degree and return to a post-crisis world of work, you can find better positions. Additionally, you will be able to elucidate which sector is the most according to your profile, and in which you will perform better.

  • Studying a competitive graduate degree in a crisis is a sign of resilience and adaptability in difficult circumstances. These are qualities that a recognized company identifies as essential for its business.
  • You will acquire skills that you can use in different industries and sectors. Some of these can be critical and analytical thinking, effective communication, problem solving, among others. Undoubtedly tough times are a valuable opportunity to jump from one sector to another, from one company to another. The skills you will achieve through graduate school will help you be competitive for whatever type of job you specialize in.
  • It will give you a global perspective and network of connections to understand the problems that real companies face and the way they operate. Your colleagues, who will come from all over the world, will offer you these different points of view that will allow you to observe an overview of the situations. Especially, this network will be a basis for you to make decisions in the future, in a post-crisis time
  • By having a graduate degree, you will have support and credibility. It will be easier to show that you have the essential qualities to solve problems, to handle essential issues in a company, and to carry out your job adequately.
  • You will accelerate your professional career by being able to achieve greater job opportunities and salary. When the economy is in crisis, unemployment increases, which can cause competitiveness to increase. If you are a recent graduate, you will face a job market with people who have more experience and / or certifications. Thus, with a postgraduate degree you will be able to apply to senior management jobs and handle specialized projects when the economy has recovered, once you finish your studies.

It is necessary to get down to work and not wait for the situation to improve. Professional fulfillment will be achieved by establishing a goal and taking the necessary actions to achieve it. Obtaining a graduate degree is one of the best routes to access specific tools and develop strengths that will allow you to be competitive during and after this crisis.

An MBA or postgraduate degree is not only a means that specializes you in an area or that allows you to achieve the professional fulfillment you want, it also nurtures yourself through specific knowledge and experiences that you would not have in your current context. Despite the fact that a global health and health crisis is being experienced, the continuous preparation of your profession is a great opportunity to turn your profile into a more competitive one. Investing in a quality study, such as a master’s degree in prestigious universities, will open the door to countless opportunities after this crisis, and will be very useful to grow yourself and demonstrate your professional quality.